Monday 25 September 2006

Stir Fry Prawns with Capsicum

stir fry prawns with bell peppers1

A very very simple stir fry prawn dish with crunchy and sweet capsicum. All I did was shelled the prawns but left the tail intact and slitted the back to remove the string of black stuff. Marinaded them with some soy sauce, pepper and some sugar (for crunchiness I learnt somewhere). Cubed some capsicum/bell pepper of different colours and set aside. Next finely chopped some garlic and fresh red chillies. You can omit the chillies if you're feeding young ones.

Heated some olive oil in a wok and fried the prawns first. Flipped them over when it's cooked on one side and dump in the garlic and chillies. Stirred to mix and added in some salt and pepper to taste. Mixed in the capsicum and stir fried till prawns are cooked. Dished up.

stir fry prawns with bell peppers2

Fantastic with white rice or crusty bread like sliced French loaves.

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  1. Yummy! The dish looks good. Only thing is that it is difficult to get really fresh prawns here in KL.

  2. Never thot to do it without oyster sauce before. Those colourful capsicum/bell peppers look so pretty but can be quite expensive, right?

  3. Why huh PabloPabla? I hardly buy prawns hehe but I see a lot of people selecting prawns at Tesco. My mom told me it was cheap but since none of us have bought them so not sure if they're fresh

    yes they were indeed expensive tummythoz but i find them cheaper at the market than the supermart

  4. Buying seafood from markets / hypermarkets in KL can be a bit of a gamble. The seafood comes from other places and might not be fresh enough when it reaches KL. That said, I usually like to buy them from places where they lay the seafood over a bed of ice to maintain its freshness.

  5. thats very true PabloPabla so i hardly buy seafood.

  6. wah ..can not stand la .. next time while you cool please give me a call la ..

    yeah it is a very simple dish but the colours look so match and yummy ...

    yous till deny you ain't "geng"??
    keep on you rae really good .. do you know it ?? ahhaha

  7. bearyip, am sure you can do the same too, just experiment a bit. thanks again :)


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