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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Review: Madam Wong Cafe

**Non-Halal Post**

Today, I'm going intro a place that you might have easily missed when you're in Sungai Wang Plaza. Ever heard of Madam Wong Cafe??? No leh...???

Madam Wong Cafe is located on the second floor where the arcades were err I think they still have a few there but that area used to look kinda sleazy and smoky have turned quite all right these days. So I guess this must be why you might not have stepped into this area just like myself.

It was my younger set of colleagues whom brought me to this obscure place. I have been there during lunch and it can get pretty crowded at times but nevertheless service is fast and attentive. A refreshing break from the Hong Kong style cafes in that area! Madam Wong's tag "The modern lifestyle of kopitiam" is very apt for this place as the decor is pretty futuristic and clean cut. The cafe is very bright and clean with white washed walls, dark table top and white roundish stools and cutesy chairs adorning the small space. This cafe serves local fare from toasts to noodles and typical dai chow (stir fry) type of dishes but serve with individual rice portion.

mdm wong drink counter

mdm wong - quirky roundish chairs

Hubby ordered the Golden Meat Rice set (RM9.30) which came with a bowl of soup of the day, a large glass of real iced lemon tea (not instant mix - superb!) and dessert of the day which is usually a small portion of chocolate pudding. The soup served was white raddish soup which is really yummy that hubby asked for a refill haha. Just like my mom's homemade soup but of course without the MSG. The only funny thing is they serves the pudding at the same time with the soup!

The Golden Meat Rice have loads of pork pieces cooked with onions and green capsicum/bell pepper in a sweet sour sauce. Tasted something like koe loe yuk from your typical dai chow stall. Not bad as one can taste the wok hei (breath of a wok).

mdm wong - golden meat set RM9.30

I had this Supreme Pork Ribs Rice (RM7.90) served with golden raisin rice which is just plain rice mixed with golden raisins. The raisins lent a sweetish taste to the rice and went well with the ribs. The ribs tasted some what like pai kuat wong but better! The meat was tender and the sauce went well with the rice. I would also loved to recommend their Marmite Chicken, it's just so delicious and I knew they used bottled Marmite unlike some places where they recreate their own Marmite sauce as it's quite pricey. How I know?? Just check the first picture, above the glass door cabinets! The Harm Darn Chiew Yarn (Ultraman Balls haha) made of minced meat wrapped in salted egg yolk is great too with the accompanying chili sauce.

mdm wong - supreme ribs RM7.90

This was hubby's chocolate pudding drizzled with some evaporate milk from the set. Nothing special here as the pudding tasted heavy of cocoa powder mixture.

mdm wong - choc pudding dessert from set

Hubby ordered this Sea Coconut tong shui (sweet soup) (RM2.30) that came bursting with cubed sea coconut, longan and white fungus (suet yue). Slighty on the sweet side for me but suited hubby just fine since he have a terribily sweet tooth. I have yet to try their black glutinous rice with fresh mango tong shui as most times I'm too stuffed after eating my meal. Must go back to try just that next time.

mdm wong - sea coconut tong shui

Good food with reasonable price (without any service charge nor Government tax), I won't hesitate to visit again. Check out Oddstuff pics of this cafe.

Madam Wong Cafe
Lot AS114, Second Floor
Sungai Wang Plaza

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cookies_cream said...

Wow, really didn't notice any Madam Wong at Sungei Wang as I seldom dine there except at Kimgary..LOL. Will try it out some other time. Thanks for posting it. ;)

Babe_KL said...

i'll vote madam wong over kim gary anytime now, cookies_cream

boo_licious said...

I noticed this place quite some time back but not tried it as it looked kinda dark for pictures. Think it's next to the Ramen shop rite?

Babe_KL said...

yup next to the ramen place boo_licious, funny thing was there were glass windows separating the two non-related outlet hahaha. yeah lighting pretty dim dats why u see my pics all so grainy. if my colleagues didn't bring me i would never have walked in myself haha

MeiyeN said...

babe, thanks for posting this place as da few eateries i go to at Sg.Wang would be Kim Gary, Hot Mama and Zang Toi Cafe.. looks like i can now drop by at madam wong cafe during my next visit to Sg. Wang :D

Babe_KL said...

no problem meiyen, hope you and yr darling will like this place like i did

PabloPabla said...

I've only been to KimGary once and wasn't at all impressed. Can't see / taste what the fuss was all about. At least now got new joint to go thanks to Babe-KL's recommendation :)

Tummythoz said...

Me too, have not noticed this place before. Always have probs thinking where/what to eat there. TQ for posting.

Babe_KL said...

No problem, PabloPabla & Tummythoz. People intro good stuff to me so I intro to the readers of my blog ;-)