Tuesday 26 September 2006

513 Pieces of My Past


I just collected my 9 months plus worth of pics to be printed and they came out to be about 4 and half inches thick or rather tall!!!!! Amazing eh... luckily half of them were free prints given when I bought my digicam last year heh else really "pokai" to pay so much in one go haha...


  1. haha no way i'm gonna print food pics hahaha... they're my family and of course my boiboi faces :D

  2. Wah-lau! Got soft copies of my baby's pics too...scared to calculate the costs of printing them! Need to be real selective but howlah when ALL of them are cute? he he

  3. yeapyeap...I was too excited to take photo with my digital camera too..when come to print ahh..cham liao..this oso wan that oso look nice..cost me RM200 plus to print ler..:p

  4. i totally understand how you feel kittycat & msau!!! last time i still relied on my film camera cos printing digital wasn't in that time, not many places offered digital printing. on average, i develop about 1 roll of film every 2 months, sometimes more when we travel or have big occasion!

    luckily now i hv fotokem member card, one 4R pic will cost me 45 sens rather than 60 sens. save some there. i saw one shop opposite central market is developing at 40 sen but i hv yet to try though.


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