Thursday, 28 September 2006

Braised Chicken with Carrots and Onions

braised chicken wid carrot n onion

Fry chicken pieces (I normally used chicken thigh) in some oil till slightly browned, then add in quartered onions. Let onions caramalised a bit before adding the carrots (chopped into large pieces). Stir and add in some oyster sauce to taste. Some people add in some soy sauce and dark soy sauce as well but it's entirely up to you. Pour in some water, barely cover the chicken pieces and simmer in low heat till chicken is tender (takes about 20 mins or so). No need to add salt since the oyster sauce is flavourful already. The gravy produced is slightly sweetish due to the onions and carrots. Kids will love the gravy cos I certainly did when I was a kid.

Best served with steamed white rice.

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  1. I love this dish! Good to know how to make it...shall make it soon. I'm starved of simple home cooked food here.

  2. poor Dental Girl. hope you'll make it soon

  3. Babe_kl, i really love this dish, but normally i will cook it with lots of gravy.....

  4. me too jackson, i usually drink the gravy up like soup haha

  5. your cooking is the bomb...


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