Thursday, 14 September 2006

Chinatown's Chu Cheung Fun

chinatown chu cheong fun

If you see the above place in Chinatown area, do stop by for some plain old chu cheung fun (flat rice noodles). The name of this place is Yui Kee (Correct or not??? Sorry I can't read Chinese. Anyone can confirm??) It's on Jalan Hang Lekir, opposite the famous Air Mata Kuching stall or besides the Hon Kee Porridge. Cross order of porridge and chu cheung fun is allowed when you sit at either places. Yui Kee is opened for breakfast and lunch.

Chu cheung fun here is entirely different from your usual chu cheung fun stall as they serve chu cheung fun without any other condiments, read - yong tau foo (stuffed variety of beancurd and vegetables)! Yeah, you eat them plain with the special sauce which tasted different from your normal fermented soy bean paste sauce. This sauce tasted a bit like peanut sauce but then I really can't tell what's in it. I liked mine with some chilli sauce and pickled green chillies. The smooth chu cheung fun topped with some sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds, wahhh bliss! A wonderful tummy liner in the morning.

chinatown chu cheung fun

There is another stall nearby serving similar chu cheung fun. The stall is located at Madras Lane, behind Pak Peng Building. Over here, you can order the yong tau foo from another stall to go with your plain chu cheung fun. I don't really like going there as the stalls tend to be territorial. It had gotten very confusing as certain stalls allowed cross ordering only from certain stalls. Urrghh...

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  1. I've tried the one behind Pak Peng building... very nice also. Sigh... brings back poignant memories lor - the last time I makan the CCF there was with my late father a couple of years back.

  2. it would be alot easier if u say that place serves hokkien mee after late ... then people would know :)

    beside there is this famous porridge stall also, then beside got another famous koon kee wantan mee also ... haha

    but that porridge stall ad the chu cheong fun cum hokien mee stall is not that hygienic lo ... but hey who cares ... good food are often found in the weirdest place ...

    even the chu cheong fun behind pak peng ... smells of chickens from the market ...

  3. Hmm.... a bit like the Ipoh type. Any Ipoh people care to confirm?

  4. I think they have a branch in Tmn Megah, PJ. Must go and try this one out. And yeah, this is Ipoh-style CCF - nothing fancy, just plain ol' good CCF. :)

  5. awww... that was nice hamsta. coming to one year, time flies. maybe it time for you to bring YY there haha

    yeah Earl-ku, there's a lot of reference place but i guess most of us in town would know the location haha...

    PabloPabla, looks like James had confirmed it's Ipoh style CCF.

    Thanks James, wow got branch, good!

  6. my..wish I can let u taste some real al dente chee cheong fun I found in Bentong. real superb..and with home cook sauce too

  7. send some down lah mike haha when???


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