Friday, 16 May 2008

Steamed Dong Guai Prawns

I usually steam my prawns with just garlic and ginger but here's another version with dong guai (angelica) just like what I did with chicken.

Steamed Dang Gui Prawns - before

Very simple, just rub some salt and pepper over the prawns. Place them inside aluminium foil on a heat proof plate. Next, lay about 4-5 slices of dong guai and some ginger strips over them and sprinkle some kei chi (boxthorn/lycium/Chinese wolfberry) all over. Pour in a few dashes of soy sauce and generous dashes of Shao Xing Hua Diao (a type of Chinese cooking wine). Wrap the foil up tightly and place in a steamer. Steam for about 7-8 mins (I only have 6 huge prawns). You can check by opening up the foil but be careful cos it's super hot. It's cooked if the prawns have all turned orangey and curled up, otherwise rewrap and return to the steamer for a few more mins.

Steamed Dang Gui Prawns

You can opt not to wrap the prawns up in a foil but I find wrapping them up have more flavours since the water vapour doesn't drop inside the prawns and dilute the taste.

Enjoy your long weekend!

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  1. OooooOOoo.....nice.... erm, but just one thing babe, is the cooking wine replaceable with anything else?? :p

  2. twosuperheroes, you can omit the wine or you can sub wid brandy, DOM or sake/mirin

  3. People say hor if man eat a lot dong guai will become KEM KEM

  4. Awesome..!! i never thought of using prawns.. :)

  5. I like that, I like that. That food would be delicious.
    Come and visit:

  6. interesting idea. . . . .never try seafood with dong guai . . . .but love them with me chicken.

    thanx for the idea

  7. Thats the beauty of fresh prawns ...taste great no matter how you cook them.

  8. Me being a non seafood fan, would love that with chicken! :o)

  9. angelica is usually dry and hard right ? will they be soften after that ?

  10. Omgz. I thought only got steamed dong guai chicken? Now prawns pulak =S. Taste muz be wonderful i guess

  11. babe - keep up posting these simple recipes, I think you can be our own Jamie Oliver, doing simple food, chinese style.

    Another cook show great that comes to mind, with simple recipes and great food would be Dosanko Cooking....

  12. wah..this is really a yummy and healthy way to cook prawns. a must for me as i loooooove prawns :)

  13. really ka 9393? hehe

    mamabok, try this ok, very yummy one

    thanks ashin

    ohh really mike? i had had dong guai with seafood before at restaurants

    ;-) hazza

    kekeke wmw, note taken

    ling, i'm not sure cos i didn't check them hehe

    jeromefo, yes tasted good

    hahaha bernsy. hey i like dosanko cooking too which reminded me i noted down one recipe but yet to try

    yes yozora, you must try this way soon

  14. Ooo..lovely! But one question, by just steaming it for 7-8 minutes, does the tong kwai soften and release its flavour by then?

  15. yes pea the flavour is there but not sure if the dong guai is soften by then or not


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