Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Marmite Prawns

Let's go for seafood today...

I made Marmite Prawns without following any recipe, just pakai hentam (simply guess) only. Let me recall what I put inside the sauce. I have 6 large prawns and some spring onions chopped to about 2 inches in length. For the sauce, 1 heap teaspoon Marmite, a few dashes of Worcestershire Sauce, 1 teaspoon sugar or to taste, and about 4-5 tablespoons water - mix them all together (taste it now and adjust either by adding sugar or more Marmite according to your liking).

First, I dried the prawns with paper towel and lightly sprinkle some salt and pepper; plus some cornflour to dry them further. I fried the prawns in some oil until they're cooked (when they turned red/pink and curled up). Stirred in the spring onions. Next, poured in the sauce and stirred to coat the prawns evenly. Lastly, thickened the sauce with some cornflour and water solution. You may cook yours till it's dry but I preferred mine with some sauce so that I can lap them up with my rice!

Marmite Prawns

Surprisingly, they're pretty yummy!

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  1. i'm sorry but this one DEFINITELY need some chili padi

  2. superb dish for photography... will try to cook it one day..

  3. Omg, so lovely!...
    How i wish i can try those prawns ><

  4. Hamtam also so nice ah? haha. I used marmite in stews but not for frying prawns! Good idea.

  5. I like meat in marmite sauce...taste sweet sweet de...

  6. kekeke yeah would be nice. lanatir, you wanna gimme a chili padi plant as pressie???

    thanks BBO

    bernsy, huh for photography only ka? :P

    yes ling it is, you gonna try it?

    jeromefo, haha thanks

    nineteena, marmite is the British equivalent of Australia's vegemite. errr i have to say it's an acquired taste

    hehe sometimes i guess depends on our luck huh daphne??

    yeah mimi, we lurve them with pork ribs

  7. Gonna try it.. we have marmite here.. :)


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