Friday, 23 May 2008

The Sloppiest Burger in Malaysia

I need to do a bit of pimping here... there will be a Malaysian entry for this year's 2008 NYC Food Film Festival submitted by Friedchillies. The 2 minutes video featured the famous Burger Om stall located in Ampang Jaya. Very mouthwatering video there!

We all love our Ramly Burgers. This June 2008, New Yorkers will get a chance to see how much us Malaysians love our burgers. Our short video titled 'The Sloppiest Burger in Malaysia' featuring one of the most famous and talked about burger stall in the Klang Valley, Burger Om made it for the official screening of the 2008 NYC Food Film Festival.

They dubbed this video as 'Malaysian gonzo food reportage to the max. Watch out Bourdain.'

Go over to Friedchillies' The Sloppiest Burger in Malaysia to view the video.


  1. I never know got this famous burger stall at Ampang...

  2. there's also a very good satay stall at the very same row, mimi

  3. that's cool...

    Years ago, Penang is quite Famous for Tari Burger. The burger guy used to dance 'moonwalk' while he would flipped the burger and bread. His assistance would try to catch them and packed with lettuce, eggs,etc before wrapped them up... Now, they are so 'Famous' that they had their own Tari Burger corner outside Leisure Bay Condo. IT's a pity that such activity is no longer performed by the chaps but the burger still tastes one of the best :-)

  4. a first for a burger stall to be screened in NY! and babe, didn't know such satay stall exist. how different is it from the rest u've had?

  5. I agree with pixen. The burger at Tari cafe is quite nice. Pity they have stopped doing all the fancy moves. It's a crowd puller.


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