Monday, 12 May 2008

Pork Balls Rice Porridge


I've been feeling extremely lazy since Saturday... not sure why, could it be the super duper hot weather??!?! All my housework have been put on hold and I just lazed around the whole of Sunday except washing the bathroom as I can't stand dirty bathrooms. Sighhh... I'm still feeling IT!

Anyway, I would like to wish all the mommies a very Happy belated Mother's Day!

Just a quickie post here...

I was feeling lazy to go out one weekend, so cooked a pot of rice porridge. I've used white and red rice, hence you'll see red/brown spots in my porridge. The red rice provided a bite to the porridge. To make things simpler, I just minced some lean pork and tung choy (preserved vegetable) together. Marinade them with some soy sauce, white pepper, a dash of sesame oil and some cornstarch to bind them together.

Tung Choy (preserved vegetable) Minced Pork with Tung Choy

Once the rice porridge is done, scoop the minced meat with a teaspoon and shaped them into balls. Drop them into the porridge. I've also added chopped salted duck eggs in the rice porridge. Season the porridge with salt and pepper to taste. Let the porridge come to a boil and check the pork balls are cooked thoroughly before turning off the fire.

Pork Balls Porridge

Served my porridge with more sprinkling of white pepper and a dash of sesame oil. Simple but yummy! My boiboi's favourite too.

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  1. I missed tung choy alot..!! i can't find it here.. :(

  2. Wah porridge with pork and tung choy is my kids favourite.

  3. Omg! Your porridge is awesome!
    When i come back from UK,
    can cook for me?
    Lolx...i will pay you =)

  4. that's a great comfort food. I missed that, my mom used to make it for us when we were ill.

    btw, I have linked to your blog :) Hope you don't mind

  5. that's the porridge I grow up eating!

  6. i made fish porridge the other day, only with ginger added. do you think tung choy can go well with fish??

  7. my mum usually will add in pork liver slices too....

  8. Makes me miss my nai mah's porridge when i was having measle when i was small.

  9. mamabok, online oso kenot find ka??

    sue sue, i guess it's passed down from generations before us too hehe

    jeromefo, this is easy wor, make your own :p

    thanks jaded, will link you gals up later

    daphne, i think can't escape the Chinese in us haha

    yozora, never try before worrr, maybe can since fishball noodles have tung choy in them

    ling, we hardly eat innards at home ler

    thanks alex

    simon, nice hor?


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