Thursday, 15 May 2008

Review: Tosaya Japanese Restaurant

We were stuck in the mother of all traffic jam in the city one evening. Hubby gave option to pop by at KLCC until the traffic turns good, however as we were heading that way, the road seems pretty jammed up too. So he ended up making a right turn into Jalan Sultan Ismail. Next, I saw him smiling and declared that we should hang out at Tosaya instead. Hmmm sounds good as it has been a long while since we last ate at Tosaya which is located at the side of Wisma Cosway, facing Novotel Hydro Majestic entrance.

Tosaya - exterior

This place brought back lots of nostalgic moments having celebrated colleagues and friends birthdays and such here. Tosaya's standard has been maintained thru out the years and the telling signs were, there are a lot of Japanese customers partronising this place. Tosaya was one of the better and authentic Japanese restaurants wayyy before Japanese restaurants mushroomed in the city.


I opted for the Dai and Tempura set (RM25.00) as I had wanted something lighter. This set came with 2 handrolls, miso soup, salad, tempura of prawns and vegetables and a couple slices of honeydew melon. Simple and just nice for me. Loved the crispy tempura pieces.

Tos - Dai and Tempura Set RM26

Hubby asked for Salmon Shioyaki set (RM29.00) which is actually not in the menu but you can always request for it. The usual bento stuff - sticky rice, salad, miso soup, pickles and of course the grilled salmon piece. Can't go wrong here and how to comment on perfectly salted and lightly grilled salmon?

Tos - Sake Shioyaki Set RM29

Tosaya is just your usual no frills Japanese restaurant with reasonable prices to boost to hang out in the city centre. So don't expect luxurious Kaiseki set ala Fukuya haha...

Tos - mosaic

I'm not sure if this place is halal or not but they serve liquour like beer and sake. Definitely no pork served though. They charges 5% Government Tax and 10% Service Charge.

Tosaya Japanese Restaurant
Ground Floor, Lot G22-24, Wisma Cosway,
88 Jalan Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2144 3416

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  1. Oh I didn't realize there's a Japanese restaurant there until you mentioned it! Haha. Would love to try it one of these days... :p

  2. wah.. i have almost forgotten this place already. i remember the good old days when we would have dinners there with the "gang".. now only you and me left in the company *sob*

  3. wow.. and i hvnt even been there.. though it's so established! thx for the tip.. erm.. i dont think japanese food can be halal, coz a lot of the dishes need to be cooked in sake.. but pork free, is more likely!

  4. ohh i remember this..blogged about this a long while ago...had lunch with a blogger there..pretty decent jap food..

  5. The Tempura prawns and grilled salmon look too small to me.
    Wondering whether they are
    " kedukut" or not.

  6. do check it out twosuperheroes

    those were the days yozora :(

    cumi&ciki, when you have the opportunity check them out

    yeah joe, i remember :D

    jerome, it's semua barang naik in msia now hahaha sighhh...


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