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Review: Pantai Seafood Restaurant


A group of us, 7 adults and a child, went to Pantai Seafood Restaurant (a branch of the many Unique seafood chain) back in March. Since it was a first visit for most of us except for JW, we made her do most of the ordering, plus some intervention from Yozora.

Her favourite, Deep Fried Squid, became our favourite too! Every bite of the squid came out crunchy even to the very late bite. It may looked simple, battered and deep fried but surprisingly they're not soaked in oil. Best eaten when dippep in the accompanying chilli sauce.

PS - Deep Fried Squid

We have a Thai style chicken dish which is basically deep fried chicken topped with tangy strips of mango, cucumber, red onions and red chillies. The tangy sauce made it very appetising indeed.

PS - Thai Style Chicken

As there was a kid with us, we asked for a tofu dish ala Sing Kong. I'm not sure how the name came about but it's a common dish found in most Chinese restaurants. It's a dish of tofu cooked with various vegetables, mushrooms and meat in a starchy gravy. The kid loves the tofu especially the gravy! He kept asking his daddy to scoop him the gravy.

PS - Sing Kong Tofu

This little boy, well, no thanks to his hearty appetite daddy has been well trained when it comes to the food department. He virtually eats anything and everything, just like his daddy! We loved to watch him eat. It made us wanna eat more just like him. He's also special, he loves meat which is very rare for a child of 3 years old! So Yozora asked for a Sweet and Sour Pork (koe loe yuk) dish for him. Actually, I kinda like this dish too since it's a childhood favourite. The pork pieces are deep fried before being cooked in tomato sauce with some cucumber, capsicum, pineaple, tomato and onions.

PS - Koe Loe Yuk

We have the customary green dish... Kai Lan in 2 Styles which the captain recommended. The kai lan stems are blanched and laid on the plate. The leaves are finely chopped and deep fried together with white baits (ngan yue chai) before placing them on top of the stems. I find the leaves a tad oily but has a nice crunch.

PS - Kai Lan in 2 styles

Next, came a Claypot Pork Ribs With Yam. I simply loved the thickish gravy. The ribs are tender, with the meat nearly falling off the bones coupled with the powdery yam. Best when drizzled over on white rice. Am sure if my boiboi is around, he too would loved this.

PS - Claypot Pork Ribs with Yam

We ended our meal with a mixed fruit platter with mango. Oooo the mango was superbly sweet!

PS - fruit platter with mango

Since JW forked out to pay for it first, I can't recall how much this dinner costed but it should be less than RM250. I would say it's reasonable. Like Yozora had mentioned, it will be as long as we do not pick anything live from the tanks haha... Oh yeah JW also warned us to make reservation should we want to come here on weekends as she said it's super crowded.

Pantai Seafood Restaurant
Lot 13575 Jalan Cempaka PJU 6A
Kg Sg Kayu Ara
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603-7725 5099/1099
Click for the map here.

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  1. I like the kailan here. If I'm not mistaken, their pork knuckles is supposed to be good.

  2. wow...the Claypot Pork Ribs With Yam looks good!! I miss this dish a lot.... *drools* :p

  3. I love the kailan and the pork knuckles. :D

  4. All looked great from start to finish! Is it called Pantai because they have a branch near the hospital?

  5. oh the kailan looks fantastic! i love this dish, and would order this evrytime I see it on the menu.

  6. surprised the captain didnt convince u to take a fish..they usually do..

  7. I tot dine in a seafood restaurant should have more seafood dishes? *curious*

  8. kekeke lanatir, i just go wid the flow

    LL, yeah we only noticed dat almost every table have one knuckle towards the end of our meal! next time.

    twosuperheroes, the gravy was fantastic

    jason, aiyoh must order the knuckle next time

    hazza, nope, its far far away from the hospital :p

    j2kfm, yeah not too bad

    joe, they did but some of my frens very lazy one, they prefer boneless stuff :P

    mimi, not necessary i guess cos a couple of my frens were meat people!


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