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Review: Restoran Sai Kong (HQ @ Kepong Baru)


The day before Mother's Day, we attended my boiboi's school family day, somewhere around Batu Caves. I've arranged to have the rest of my family to meet for lunch at Pan Heong, the yummy porridge and noodle place in Batu Caves since we haven't gone back there like many years, wayyy before they got so famous... wayyy before they're so crowded! Darn, we waited like 15 minutes and nobody bothered to even bat an eyelid on us. The other poor souls were resorted to standing behind the patrons watching over their shoulders like hawk with the kinda "when are you going to finish and move your butt outta there" stare!

Hating such scene... we decided to move on elsewhere for lunch sighhhh had to say good bye to the delish sang har meen. My brother suggested to go to Restoran Sai Kong in Kepong Baru instead and off we went. When we reached there, my parents were pleasantly surprised that they've became so "big". The last time they went, Sai Kong were still operating from a shack nearby. For myself, I've only been to the Medan Putra outlet. The Kepong Baru outlet is of 3 shoplots with an upstairs space to boost too.

Since it was to celebrate Mother's Day, we asked the big shot to dictate the order and here were what we (7 adults and one child) have for lunch...

Mom asked for a Sweet and Sour Fish (sek ban, not sure what's in English cos I'm a noob when it come to fish. RM25.00), Marmite Pork Ribs (RM10.00) and Angled Loofah Tofu (Seng Kua Dau Foo RM6.00) to suit the boss boiboi. Sadly the amount of gravy that came with the fish was so little to be enjoyed all round. I had walloped most of them for my boiboi hehe... Anyway, the fish was fresh and this dish was a thumbs up. The whole fish was gone from the plate by the end of lunch!

SG - Sweet Sour Fish (RM25)

I've no idea when my boiboi had developed a liking for pork ribs cooked in Marmite or just in fact in almost similar style. He just loved them and so did we.

SG - Pork Ribs (RM10)

I liked the homemade tofu here. It came in quite a huge piece. Since it was small portion, it was still enough to go around the table.

SG - Seng Kua Tofu (RM6)

After deciding the dishes for the fart, we now have adult dishes heh! We opted for the recommended Assam Prawn (RM20.00). It lacked of the assam tang and a bit on the sweet side for me but overall it's still yummy. Best when ladle the gravy and all on the rice to be eaten together. The prawns were fresh and excellent with the accompanying asparagus, ladies fingers, onions and tomatoes.

SG - Assam Prawns (RM20)

Next came a quite standard dish, the Four Heavenly King (RM8.00). Sai Kong's version have long beans, four angled beans, ladies fingers and of course my fave petai! If only the sambal they were fried in, is spicier, it would have been perfect but luckily it's not, otherwise my dad won't be able to enjoy it as much.

SG - Four Heavenly Kings (RM8)

Lastly we have a non-spicy Romaine Lettuce Fried with Fu Yue (fermented beancurd, RM6.00) where the vegetable came crisp coated with just the right amount of fu yue.

SG - Fu Yue Yau Mak (RM6)

Lots of dishes there but most of them were of small portion with 4 bowls of rice (we're not farn tung - rice bin kekeke) and a pot of King of Tea (char wong RM9.00), the bill came up to RM92.00 after a 5% Goverment tax. WOW!!!! My first under RM100 makan (eating) session with my family in a restaurant like this hahaha... mmm very satisfying indeed!

Restoran Sai Kong
23 Jalan Helang Sewah
Kepong Baru
52100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-6273 2242
Coordinates: 3°11'42"N 101°38'40"E

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  1. sek pan = garoupa..
    normally sweet and sour too much softens the fried crispy fish and it wont exactly giv out the deep fried feeling..

  2. oh thank you joe, the wise one :p im such a noob!

  3. Oh...petai! Haha. Looks utterly delicious, babe! :p
    And not to mention very cheap many dishes but still below RM100...Very "tai"..

  4. haha.. i actually viewed all the dishes a few times and yet i cannot decide which one is my fav...i like them all. and the price is so very ngam. Sigh..problem is I get totally lost around Kepong :(

  5. u sure they are related ?
    because previously this shop is run by a fat lady we called fei-por :p

  6. This is my mom favorite restaurant too but it's packed at dinner time especially weekend

  7. This place is damn near my house. Food there is not bad used to come here every week when mum was in KL. AS midmid3vils say, weekend is crazy packed.

  8. yeah superheroes, very value for money indeed

    yozora, i thot you can use your GPS? :p

    ling, they used to be at a shack along the short cut to Maluri before they constructed the hiway. they shifted over here later. as to the Sai Gong in Menjalara, am not sure since different spelling but i know the guy who used to cook at Kepong Baru is at Menjalara.

    wahh mimi and simon, both of you from kepong too?

  9. shy lah.. don't know how to use :P

  10. Wow..!! that was really worthwhile..!! i wanna come home..!!

  11. yozora, next time when u see kk ask him to show you

    mamabok, come come come!!!!

  12. can vouch for sai kong also. i wld travel all the way from old klang rd to eat there


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