Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Breakie at IKEA Restaurant

There was one Sunday that hubby needed to be at Ikano by 11.00am to meet with his classmates. Since they're only meeting for a couple of hours, he roped myself and boiboi in to hang out there. As it was kinda early, we decided to check out the breakfast served at IKEA Restaurant, our first for breakie.

We reached there right around 9.45am but Ikea seems to be abuzz with activities, more so when we walked into the restaurant on the first floor. The place is packed and long lines formed! Hmmm I checked the stuff they served that day, it was nasi lemak or chicken char siu bao going for 99 sens each! So cheap?? Cheaper than the makcik's nasi biasa!

We got ourselves the nasi lemak and char siu bao for boiboi, then the usual tea/coffee and juice. Earlier we noticed people carrying plates of deep fried chicken pieces but when it was our turn to order, they have ran out. The server asked hubby to wait 10 minutes. By the time it was my turn to pay, hubby had gotten his 3 pieces of fried chicken going at RM2.00 per piece. Not bad huh the price... just like the usual makcik's.

The char siu baos are of mini sized and I really meant MINI! They came in two. My boiboi finished one in 2 mouthfuls!!! Errr the photos depicted a rather big bao eh? The bao has thick dough with very little filling but my boiboi did not complain.

Ikea Breakie - char siu bao

Knowing it's not enough for him, I asked if he wanted to try some nasi lemak. He refused initially since he saw the sambal on the plate. We managed to coaxed him to try some without the sambal of course. Also gave him some fried chicken. It's his first time eating nasi lemak actually haha cos usually our nasi is laden with spicy sambal so he never get the chance to try. I need to start training him for spicy food... any tips???

The nasi lemak tasted not bad for 99 sens that came with the usual condiments of deep fried ikan bilis, peanuts and half an egg. The rice is not rich with barely a hint of santan (coconut milk) and came in quite a large bowl. Lucky I gave some to boiboi, otherwise I doubt I could have finish. The sambal is not hot at all with a tinge of sweetness in them, certainly not the best but hey at 99 sens, who is complaining??? However, the chicken marinaded in turmeric is good. Since it was just off the hot oil, the skin is crispy and at least it's tasty. My boiboi loved the chicken and managed to finish them with the small portion of rice I gave to him.

Ikea breakie - nasi lemak with deep fried chicken

Other than these, they have the usual sandwiches, muffins and cinnamon rolls. Later we saw our neighbour brought sugared doughnuts hmm... Since it's my first time there, I'm not sure if their breakfast menu is on a rotation basis but seriously I don't mind going again just to check out.

Oh yah... they should also serve their ever so delish curry puffs here too!

IKEA Restaurant
Sun - Thurs 9.00am - 10.00pm
Fri, Sat and eve of Public Holiday 9.00am - 11.00pm
(Breakfast 9.00am - 11.00am)

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  1. Heard abt this 99 cents breakfast before but haven't tried it out...NOW you're enticing us with your close-up pics huh, babe...especially the nasi lemak! Haha.. :p

  2. wah.. the nasi lemak looks sooooo good and for 99sen only.. can have this for breakie every morning lor.. slurp...

  3. walio looks good, must try t get there early like you do! :)

  4. i know their daily special changes everyday... but yet to try the bfast.
    the nasi lemak + fried chicken = RM2.99 still worth it ~ ^_^

  5. 9.45am oledi packed?How early are they reach?

  6. omg, i did a quick scan in here, and it's all wicked!!! Wicked, but GREAT FOOD!!!

  7. I learn to take spicy hot food at the school canteen. Malay stall was serving tastier and bigger portion plates of rice and noodles.

  8. twosuperheroes, not sure if got nasi lemak everyday

    yozora, pheng leng zheng

    BBO, so near yr home!!!

    ling, i forgot to add they charge 5% tax

    mimi, its opened from 9am!!!

    haha LB aiyoh then dun blame me when you start to drool

    tummythoz, hey me too leh

  9. hmmm they serve breakfast as well? OK, will crawl over earlier the next time. :)
    99 cents ... in a trendy food court. Wow ...

  10. If only they serve nasi lemak in Ikea here, or even their karipap. Everytime my husband n I walked pass a Dome cafe here, I would ask my husband, got nasi lemak here. I wish nasi lemak is every where here.


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