Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Roasted Duck and Baby Tomatoes Angel Hair Pasta

I was home alone one evening and was too lazy to go out for food. I rummaged my fridge and found some leftover roasted duck and baby tomatoes. Decided to turn them into a quick pasta dish.

All I did was fry some chopped garlic till fragrant in olive oil, taking care not to brown them. Add in shredded roasted duck and stir. Next, dump in halved baby tomatoes. Sprinkle in salt and freshly ground black pepper. Lastly, add in cooked angel hair pasta and mix thoroughly. Dish up and serve hot with another dash of freshly ground black pepper.

Dinner in a jiffy - less than 10 minutes including minor prep work. Heh...

Roasted Duck and Baby Tomatoes Angel Hair Pasta

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  1. Looks really good! Leftovers are great sometimes :D

  2. Why my leftovers never look so good all mixed up? *pout*

  3. wow! this pasta dish look awesome indeed! :)

  4. i love roast duck pasta. looks better than delicious' one.

  5. Wow..!! really awesome looking leh..!! jealous..!

  6. pablo, yeah esp during emergencies :p

    tummythoz, i'm blushing already :D thanks

    thanks BBO

    fbb, i hvnt try Delicious one yet but this one inspired by one of Jamie Oliver's pasta

    mamabok, sub the duck with chicken!


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