Thursday, 8 May 2008

Psssttt... here, here... KL's Best Teh Tarik

AA - Al Amnah Restaurant

Can you guess where is this place located?

Hahaha I guess it's hard eh unless you're a true KLite.

My hubby brought me here during our courting days for supper. He used to frequent this quaint little stall during his graveyard shifts when he was working for the bank. Let me introduce to you - Al Amnah Restaurant. It's not a restaurant proper, just a small stall located along the walkway on the Ground Floor of Selangor Mansion. This stall faces the river and a stone throw away from the pedestrian bridge across the river to Jalan Ampang. The hustle and bustle at this place usually heightens in the wee hours of the morning.

I can vouch that their teh tarik (pulled milked tea) is one of the best in Kuala Lumpur. Why you may ask... for me this is the only stall I find that do not serve sickly sweet teh tarik with the right balance of tea flavour and the creaminess of the condensed milk. Best part is, you don't even need to add "kurang kurang manis" (less less sweet literally) at the back of your order!!! Sorry no picture... just looked like normal teh tarik but tastewise, it's a bomb and I'm not kidding as hubby bumped into his ex-classmate who resides in Kajang drinking teh tarik here hehehe...

The rotis made here are crispy and fluffy. Previously they only have basic rotis but now it seems the menu have expanded to include some of the fancy mancy rotis but don't expect a long list of them.

Hubby ordered roti sardine (RM3.00) which is basically roti canai with a filling of mashed tinned sardine mixed with an egg and sliced onions. I had one bite and mmmmmm mmmmm mmmm...

AA - roti sardine

My roti telur bawang (RM1.70) is just basically roti canai with an egg cracked over it with sprinkling of sliced onions. I loved this piping hot!

AA - roti telur bawang

Both rotis were served with thickish dhall (not the usual watered down version) that I prefered with a dollop of sambal which I find it a tad too sweet. However, it does serve its purpose.

AA - dhall with sambal

Total bill of the two rotis with one glass of teh tarik and one glass of limau panas (hot calamansi) came up to RM6.60.

Game to sit by the five foot way beside the parit (drain)? Then wait no more!!! Head on to Al Amnah and get yourself a glass of teh tarik.

Al Amnah Restaurant
No. 2 Ground Floor
Selangor Mansion
Jalan Masjid India
Kuala Lumpur
(I think this place opens 24 hours)
Coordinates: 3°9'7"N 101°41'50"E

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  1. I don't like teh tarik, sorry... :(

  2. During football world cup period used to go for late supper (3am to 4am)
    Telur setengah masak (half boil eggs) also Best

  3. omg..its been ages since i had a proper teh tarik..the sweet and fragant one..

  4. Selangor Mansion? Where's that? Anymore landmarks? Obviously m not a trueblue KL-ite. =(

  5. mimi, perhaps other drinks?

    9393, eh there got big screen to watch ka?

    joe, this one is a must try then

    tummythoz, it's the yellow orangey flats behind Standard Chartered old building along Sg Gombak. ring a bell or not???

  6. Babe, the roti sardine looks really delicious!! And I love thick dhal...I can literally drink them...haha.. :p

  7. I really missed all these... :( i wanna go home.. boohooohooo..!!

  8. I am there a few times a month. I like the lunch served in a stall directly opposite. Good food. The nasi lemak packet is also good.

  9. really if you don't blog about it i wouldn't dare walk in and try... I think i know which stall u are talking about...

  10. twosuperheroes, would you dare to venture here?

    poor mamabok

    pablo, i was tempted to try the nasi lemak, next time then

    bernsy, why huh? :p

  11. Old article, but for the best teh tarik, you need to specifically order 'teh ding dong'.


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