Friday, 25 August 2006

Today's My Turn

longevity peach baos

Yeah... after boiboi's Birthday yesterday, today's mine.

Hubby bought boiboi and myself a bunch of these longevity peach baos (buns). These buns do not contain any peach actually. They are steamed bun shaped to look like a peach (a symbol of longevity) and filled with lotus seed paste. These buns are then sprayed/coloured with pink colourings. Check out what ST of Cheat Eat had mentioned a folklore about this. Traditionally these buns are eaten on elder folks birthday celebrations where I remembered they were piled high on a tray on my Grandma's birthday.

This is the cross section of the bun... not much lotus paste filling and the buns don't really tasted that great but well just a gesture for both of us to have a long life. My hubby darn old fashion one ok. Errr no romantic din din tonite since hubby has got some discussion on, neither there is any pressie. I know cos I've no idea why hubby has been super busy this week. Not that it matters anyway since I get to have surprises every now and then.

longevity peach baos splited

So, Happy Birthday to me!

Thanks in advance for all your well wishes.

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  1. Happy birthday babe!

  2. Happy returns of the day!

    (Ok, ok... now I sing for you)
    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday dear Babe......
    Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuu....!

  3. wah...4 years ago u mai celebrate ur birthday at hospital liao?? haha...but god gave u the best gift liao...

    Happy birthday!

  4. Hoho, so convenient... one after another birthdays!

    Happy Birthday, Babe!

  5. No cake topped with colourful stones (aka jewels)?? The now & then surprises must make up BIG TIME then! :D

    Many Happy Returns, Babe!!

  6. Happy Birthday, my fellow Virgoan!

  7. Happy Birthday, babe! May all your wishes come true yeah..

  8. thank you domesticgoddess

    haha thanks for the lovely song J

    Michelle, yeah boiboi kicked his way out 2 weeks early to wish his mummy a happy birthday ;-)

    Thanks Julian, there is another birthday on the 29th *roll eyes*

    Tummythoz, kakaka i wished. thanks.

    teckiee, thanks

    hamsta, thanks so much and wish you a happy burpday tomorrow!!! *AHEM* have a wonderful and productive holiday!!!

    thank you Meiyen

  9. Babe,

    Happy birthday to you and your boi boi!!

    -Makan Kings-

  10. that is so kewl.....Happy birtday mummy....

  11. thanks for your wishes makan king & mike

  12. Happy belated birthday. I hope you will have more and more to come.

  13. sorry i'm little late but happy (?) belated birthdays 2 you n little one...

  14. Babe jie!! ... Happy belated birthday!!... So sorry... was so caught up with work that i TOTALLY forgot :( ... sorry ya.. next time yum cha my treat.

  15. thanks so much flower & tonixe

    no prob cyrene cos i also forgot yrs earlier :p okie okie but when yum cha? haha

  16. Happy Belated Birthday...:-) May all your wishes come true...

  17. Hope that I'm not too late, happy belated birthday!!

  18. happy birthday babe!!!! stay cute :)

  19. better late than never piggy. thanks for your wishes

    eh its kinda hard to stay cute at my age hahaha rachel but thanks anyway.


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