Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Gathering Thots

Sorry for not posting up yesterday as promised... I'm still gathering my thots over the Merdeka Open House 2006 thingy. Been like a zombie as usual especially on Mondays after a crazy weekend with the fart around. Home is just like after a tornado traipsed thru... What more staying up till 1.30am yesterday to catch Andrea Bocelli's Amore Under The Desert Sky concert on Star World!!! Aduiii why lah screen the repeat sooo early??? Andrea Bocelli is soooo awesome!!! Wished I was there under the stars watching him live!

And today or rather late last night (an hour ago) hubby managed to find his long lost DVD of Rod Stewart's The American Song Book 2 concert. Gosh my living room was turned into a concert hall for 2 nights in a row. Awww man... Rod is SEXY! No wonder our Government did not let him to perform in Malayais, else I tell you, it's going to be havoc!!! Imagine the ladies scrambling up the stage hahaha grabbing Rod woohooo... who knows I might join the crowd heh!

Thank goodness concert ended early by the press of the Stop button hehehe... need to get some sleep now. Will gather myself and come out with the rules and requirements of the open house hopefully by noon or so.

Be patient. Nite nite.


  1. guess it must be sexy to listen to a sexy man's voice with ur hubby...so, whens the next jr coming ? chuckle !

  2. err it's not sexy at all wor mike hahaha else you think i would have posted at that hour?? kekeke


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