Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Steamed Herbal Chicken with Chicken Essence

I've made a nutritious soup to go with a rice meal. The original recipe came from Betty Saw's Ultimate Herbal Cookbook. It's a super easy dish and it's tasty too. You'll find yourself scooping out the soup till the last drop!

Steamed Herbal Chicken with Chicken Essence

1 - 1.5kg whole kampung chicken, rinsed
1 bottle Brand's Essence of Chicken
1 piece heavy duty foil, large enough to wrap chicken

1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sesame oil
1 tbsp kei chi (Chinese wolfberry)
2 tbsps old ginger juice
1/2 tbsp Hua Tiau wine

Marinate inside and outside of chicken with seasoning ingredients. Place chicken in the centre of tin foil.

Pour chicken essence on the seasoned chicken. Wrap up the chicken and fold edges to seal tightly.

Place chicken on a heatproof dish and steam for 1 1/2 hours. If you prefer the chicken with a good bite, steam for 1 hour only.

I tweaked the recipe here and there. First of all, I've used 2 skinless chicken thighs that has been chopped into fairly large pieces. With this the cooking time also has been adjusted to about 45 minutes or so. In place of Hua Tiau wine, I've poured in DOM. Nevertheless the taste was not compromised.

steamed chic with chic essence

You'll find it a wee bit tricky to wrap your chicken without the essence of chicken flow out of the foil. This tip I learnt from my mom. All you need to do is to place the tin foil in a deep heatproof dish before placing the chicken and pouring in the liquid. Then wrap up the tin foil. From there, just place the heatproof dish in the steamer for steaming.

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  1. they also call this "tai wong kai" - emperors chicken

    and the version with lots of alco is called "fa tiu kai"

    very nice, make sure u finish every drop of the soup ... :)

  2. ish, i thought you are going to introduce a place that serves steamed herbal chicken....

    oh well..

  3. earl-ku, this is not "tai wong kai" cos it only has "kei chi". "tai wong kai" has other herbs. there is one brand of "tai wong kai" herbs powder that is very nice but can only find them in Spore.

    kilauea, thanks for coming by. my post title will usually have the word "review" if i were to intro some makan places.

  4. omg....it looks so delicious!!!! *slurp*

  5. I have a home-made bottle each of raisin wine and ginger wine. No, not made in my home - a friend trades in these. Have been wondering what to do with them & you've just given me ideas. Thx! Hope it turns out 2b as good.

  6. This is a superb pick-me-up remedy. Absolutely delicious! u r correct, right till the last drop!

  7. meiyen, actually it doesn't look delicious at all but tasted good though. sometimes cannot judge a book by its cover huh?

    tummythoz, you can do lots of dishes with those wines. sprinkle some to your fried kailan, steam fish, steam chicken, steam prawns (practically all seafood), drunken chicken...

    totally agreed with you audrey ;-)


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