Monday, 28 August 2006

Review: Cuppacakes by +wondermilk


My colleague recently ordered a box of cupcakes whipped up by the team at +wondermilk. Shown above is how the cuppacakes looked like in the box. It's the mini sized one which is 1.5 inches in diameter. Costed my colleague RM50 (offer then) for a box of 49. I think now it's RM60. Pretty expensive I would say but for novelty sake it's very sweet and pretty to look at.

The cupcake tasted like normal butter cake and topped with very pretty icing. Look how tiny it is but they offer larger sized ones too. Just check out their blog.


UPDATED 30 August 2006:

Thousands of apologies for not stating the link here. I missed it some how but thanks to tihtahpah for pointing it out. Here's how you order the cuppacakes.

61, Jalan SS21/22,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya

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  1. its so pretty to the point that i'll just drool and not eat it. TOO PRETTY LAH. SERIOUS.

  2. Just found your blog. I also live in KL & Love to cook too :) I wanted to know from where you got the paper cups that you used to bake the carrot cupcakes ? I will come back to check your answer or you can email me at


  3. totally agree with you cheng sim

    nishi, i've gotten the cups from chun yip (a bakery mart) at jalan sultan (near shanghai bookstore)

  4. the cupcakes must be "VERY" sweet! but looks really presentable.

  5. so..where can i get these cupcakes?

  6. ahh

    the wondermilk gang...i love their ID stuff...didnt even know theyve ventured in baking now!

    but their cupcakes have very whimsical designs. nice! but pricey! :P

  7. jackson, not too sweet actually and luckily the cake wasnt sweet at all so they kinda balanced out

    tihtahpah, whoopsie, i forgot to link up, sorry. will link it up later cos i cant seems to access blogger now.

    chocolalat, yeah looks great but seriously over priced. actually delicious sells slightly larger cupcakes 3 for RM4 but their icing is topped with one gummybear only and no fancy design.

  8. hey..thanks alot for posting the link up.... will definitely checkout the cupcakes!

  9. no problem tihtahpah, thanks for pointing it out.

  10. I bought some cupcakes from the shop and find it quite pricey. Anyway the cake texture is not that good and lumpy. Some people wouldn't notice it with all the trimmings unless if u cut it in half. I'm very particular about cake textures and was quite dissapointed with wondermilk. Anyway, the ones by prettyfrosting was quite good. They sell them at amcorp mall from friday to sunday. The size is big, they taste good and soft and rich and cost $3.50 each only. I have yet to try the ones by Cupcake Chic at The Curve. Heard that its quite good.

  11. yes has, i think so too about wondermilk's cupcakes. i've heard pretty frosting is good and cupcake chic is too sweet.

  12. heyya babe,
    issit just me or this particular box of cuppies from wondermilk a little bit 'messy'. like its done in haste..maybe they've got too much order too handle. but yes their designs bring tears to my eyes! they've actually inspired me as well XD


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