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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 24 August 2006

My BoiBoi is 4!!!

My little fart is turning 4 today. Gosh time flies... he was just a teeny weeny baby of 3.12kg with a mere length of 53cm but now he weighs 20kg with the height of 110cm or could be more!!!! In no time, he will be flying off our nest heh...

He has started going to play school since April this year, oh my, I can see a lot of difference in terms of his abilities to write, sing and colour within the line. Ahhhh the wonders of schooling!

For his Birthday this year, I was inspired to bake a cake after seeing Min's cutesy cakes she had made for her kids; friends and their kids. You can see how she had improved over the years in these posts. Thanks Min, it certainly pleased me that we can now have homemade Birthday cakes just like yours.

My boiboi had wanted a Cars cake with 3D Lightning McQueen and Mater which he saw in a photo displayed at a pushcart selling homemade cakes at Ikano. Upon enquiry, that cake with the 2 characters made of gum paste is going to cost us RM150 and above for a 1kg cake. Ai yai yai... so expensive! It's mad to spend so much just for a kiddie cake no doubt it will bring a lot of happiness and smiles for our bao bei (precious).

After much tinkering, I told hubby my plan of baking boiboi a cake and all we need to do is just place those die cast characters on top of the cake. One bird kill two stone since those cars could doubled up to be his present. That made hubby and I searching most of the Toys R Us and toys department in the city to look for the tiny die cast Lightning McQueen but they're all sold OUT! Only left Mater and Luigi. Duhhh... how leh???

After much prodding, it seems like boiboi is also crazy with Scoop (from Bob the Builder). To save the hassle, we decided to make him a construction cake instead. So off we went to Jusco thinking we can easily get some of those Bob the Builder's die cast vehicles but boy oh boy! How wrong was I! That particular outlet does not stock up on Bob the Builder's stuff grrrrr... Not a good idea huh to bake own Birthday cake but nevermind, both mummy and daddy went round and round until we found a bunch of Tomica's contructor vehicles. RM7.90 per vehicle, wahseh lots of savings compared to Cars at RM19.90 each or Bob the Builder at RM20 plus. We've gotten a roller, loader, bulldozer, dump truck and shovel.

Next, I sat down and go thru my cookbooks and finally decided to bake Donna Hay's Moist Chocolate Cake since boiboi loves chocolate cake. Baked the cake the day before and chill in the fridge overnight. The next day, I made the chocolate fudge icing but of course not without some crisis in the kitchen. I've used up most of my couverture chocolates in the cake! Arrgghhh!!!! Sighhhh... but I found a block of white chocolate, so I sub 3/4 of the dark chocolate with the white ones but thank goodness the icing still looked chocolate albeit lighter... phew... You never knew how relieved I was!!! The icing tasted a bit like hazelnut cream and it's very sweet. Luckily the cake isn't sweet so that sort of like balanced out.

So there I was happily splattering on the chocolate fudge icing all over the cake and just plonked those vehicles on top and a couple on the board to avoid overcrowding. Sprinkled in some colourful beads and sand made of crushed Oreo biscuit. Since I do not know how to write using icing, I just used mini M&Ms and dragees to make out the necessary wordings. DONE!!!! My first homemade Birthday cake for boiboi...

construction cake

Happy Birthday Darling!!! Daddy and Mummy love you lots. We just wished you the best of health and be a good boy all the time. We're sure you're gonna be crazy over the cake errr more like those constructor vehicles even though we did not get you Scoop as promised. Enjoy!

For my boiboi's birth story, click here.

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MeiyeN said...

wow babe..nice cake! happy birthday to your boyboy :D

FooDcrazEE said...

happy birthday boi boi....looks like my niece Elena and my khai chai Ethan is of the same age as boi boi. They are both Oct baby , so boi boi is the tai lou of both.

May he be happy and in pink of health always.

Tummythoz said...

A favourite flavoured cake decorated with favourite toys baked by favourite female figure. What more can a b'day boy ask for?!

Anonymous said...

wow! that's very creative! how i wish i could pull off something like this for my boy's birthday... you certainly inspire me babe ;)
oh, happy birthday boi boi!

J said...

The cake is so cute!

Anyway: *clears throat*
*sings* Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear boi-boiiiiiiiiii, I want some cake too!"

Julian said...

Whoa, very cool cake indeed!

I think it's really special coz nowadays is so easy-peasy to just go out and buy any cake and be done with it... but home-baked cake is so much more meaningful.

Happy Birthday to your boi-boi... I bet while he enjoy the toys, the daddy enjoy the cake more!

Audrey Cooks said...

Lovely birthday cake Babe! I am sure he will remember it for life, if not ... just remind him! chuckle. Happy birthday boi boi!

boo_licious said...

Great cake babe! Happy Birthday to boiboi, am sure he will love it esp those tractors.

Babe_KL said...

thank you Meiyen for your wishes

wah mike, boiboi is the taikor huh? for once he is elder cos my other friends kids are older than him

tummythoz, he's still asking for Cars' stuff. yesterday morning asked us to bring him kaikai to buy new Lightning McQueen shirt!!! moe ngan tai...

hi there domesticgoddess, well i was inspired by Min. quite simple actually when u dun need to do much decor hahaha just do the cheat way like i did. its time for u to plan one for yr girl

oooo thanks J for the birthday song

yeah julian, psssttt its cheaper too :p i think the cake itself is around rm30... err excluding the vehicles

eh audrey, boiboi only remembered the vehicles which he claimed daddy had bought for him, how sad huh?

thanks for your wishes boo_licious, yeah he really love them a lot. played with them immediately after lifted up from the cake

Flower said...

Happy belated birthday, boi boi. Be a good boy for mummy and daddy ok.

Min Chan said...

babe, good job with the cake! Nice touch with the "dirt" on the dump truck and the cake. The icing looks really professional.

Belated birthday greetings, boi boi. You are one lucky boy!

Babe_KL said...

thanks flower

min, one cant go wrong with donna hay's recipe :p thanks so much