Monday, 28 August 2006

Reminder: Merdeka Open House 2006

Just a reminder to food bloggers and Malaysians participating in this event, you have one more day to post up your entries. It's still not too late so please come and join us for some fun.

The theme this year is Malaysian Recipe Long Forgotten but the rule is kinda relaxed so as long as you can submit a Malaysian dish it's fine lah.


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  1. hi babe, sorry that i won't be able to join da Merdeka Open House 2006 due to time management problem...

  2. no problem meiyen, you just come and makan only :D

  3. hello... i'm a uni student and me and my friends thought it would be fun to join. We did Kek Batik Ayu.. wasnt anything great tho =.= here's the link to the post.

    hope u read this comment :S

  4. thanks pei mun for your entry. i've made batik cake before but it looked horrible even though it tasted great but i was a novice then. hmm maybe i should give it another try.


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