Monday, 21 August 2006

Carrot Cupcakes

carrot cupcake

Made up a batch of Carrot Cupcakes using Nigella Lawson's Carrot Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting on page 42 of How to Be a Domestic Goddess. I was quite skeptical with her recipe after my failure with her Banana Muffins from the same book but I went ahead anyway since I'm pretty familiar in baking a mean Carrot Cake. The ingredients and methods are about in the same line. I guess it should be able to turn out ok.

Well it did turn out fine. The cupcakes were moist with a subtle hint of cinnamon that I love. Excellent with a cup of tea. Recipes can be found at A Sprinkle of Sequins and A Self-proclaimed Foodaholic but with some tweakings. I've used self-raising flour minus the baking soda and omitted the nuts. I also did away with the cream cheese frosting since I did not stock up on cream cheese.

This round I've used muffin cups instead of normal paper cups, which yielded 8 cupcakes instead of 12. Half of these, I've added some chocolate chips which actually tasted better errr but I could be biased since I love chocolates.

carrot cupcake wid choc chips

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  1. your carrot cupcakes remind me immediately of the Kenny Roger Roaster's muffins in 1st World Gentings, the only type of such things and at the only outlet ( I call them cakes ) that I truly like. Girls thing lah u know.

    your delicious photos are tempting me !

  2. not my cup of cake but at the mentioned of chocolate...thats a different story...

  3. Most upset when u post baking recipes that seem so ecpc & ultra delicious looking pix. Makes me regret for not having an oven nor able to make space for 1! *sniff-sniff* Err sounds pityful enuf to send me a fresh baked batch?

  4. tonixe, u mean kenny rogers genting have carrot muffins now? geee been some time since i last step into one but i really liked their corn muffins

    mike, u another choc lover huh?

    thanks for your kind words tummythoz. well maybe one fine day you'll get to bake just like me when i shifted into my current place. last time i just drool and drool :p

  5. This looks fantastic. I love the cupcake liners you used.

  6. Great website I enjoy trying your recipes and very detailed instructions and tips (unlike cook books).
    I'm looking for the muffin cups you've used here. Could you advice where you got yours? I've been looking high and low in local Carrefour and Cold Storage store to no avail.

  7. hi lex then, thanks for coming by. these paper cups can only be found at baking supply shops. if you can email me your location, i can send you some shops names and location for you to find them.

  8. I'm staying at Jln Jelatek (Near Tmn Setiawangsa), KL.
    By the way, is there a muffin pan (i.e. brand) you recommend? I have a small Elba oven (gift from friend) that doesn't come with a muffin tray to fit it's slots.
    I made a mistake by using individual jelly tin cups and learn that it takes longer to bake muffins.

  9. lex, muffin pan came usually in 2 sizes, either 6 holes or 12 holes (am not talking about cup size cos those have more than 3 sizes at least). i guess the 12 holes one will be out of the question. it's hard to find a 6 holes muffin pan but you can try.

    to make things easier, use a piece of paper then insert into your oven tray and make a cut out. bring along the paper when you shop for pans for this oven. if the pans are smaller than this piece of paper, they'll definitely fit yr oven.

    there are actually quite a number of baking supply shops around yr area which i read in Flavours magazine. go check them out in the mag. otherwise there is this Bagus in Melawati.

  10. Hi babe_kl,

    Those are great ideas, thanks for the tips and suggestions.

    I shall get myself a copy of Flavors for the baking supply shops.

    Thx again


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