Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Merdeka Open House 2006: Cream of Red Bean

To end Merdeka Open House 2006 with a sweet note, I've done up a batch of Cream of Red Bean (hoong dau sar), a sweet soup (tong shui in Cantonese) that is usually served as dessert of a Chinese banquet.

hoong dau sar

This is slightly different from red bean soup (hoong dau shui) as the red beans are supposed to be cooked until dissolved errr which can be quite a task. I made this up without the intention to serve up for the open house since it is not a long forgotten recipe but after cooking and tasted it, not bad also since it's my first time making hoong dau sar. My colleague had casually given me some tips a few weeks back so I put them to good use.

First, wash the red beans till water runs clear. Soak them for a few hours in hot water. I cooked the beans overnight in a slow cooker for about 6-7 hours in some water. Err need to guesstimate but try not to use too much water. Once done, I still see some skins floating about hence I stick in my handheld blender and blend till fine. I have to cheat a bit since I've no idea how to cook it until everything is dissolved.

Pour them out into a clean pot and add in some dried lotus seeds (soaked and this can be found at Chinese medicine hall. The variety I've gotten have been skinned and can be easily soften in a short cooking time.). Simmer the soup under low fire and add in sugar to taste. Next put in some washed sago pearls (not too much else your soup will turn gooey). Simmer till the sago pearls turned clear. Dish up and serve hot.


Selamat Menjamu...

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  1. like that last twist of adding sago pearls to the dessert - sounds good :-)

  2. eatzycath, the sago pearls thicken the soup and made it smoother too


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