Thursday, 10 August 2006

Plug: Merdeka Blogger 2006 & Attention to All Food Bloggers

So this year, Malaysian bloggers would be able to participate in a Merdeka Blogger Project mooted by Danny Foo. Check out the details over HERE.

This year's theme is Back to Basics. So here I quote what Danny had written:

This coming independence day, we’re taking everyone back to when blogging first picked up in Malaysia. We’ll looking for your entries about:

What has blogging taught you?
What has blogging brought you?
What has been your experience blogging in Malaysia?

Answer these questions and you’re on the verge to rediscover why you’ve been blogging all this while. And that’s exactly what we want.

We want your entries filled with your experience of blogging whether it was only a few hours, a day, a month, or a year. We want to know about your story of freedom to express and what you’ve learned with that freedom.

That's Danny's project. Prior to reading his post, I just read a few Singaporean posts on their National Day yesterday which got me tinkering with the idea of hosting something on our National Day on 31st August 2006. Naturally as a food blogger, I was thinking in the line of an open house!

Yeah a virtual Merdeka Open House since open house is synonym to our Malaysian culture of welcoming guests of various race and religion to our home to join us in celebration. I should be hosting the event unless some kind soul who is a whizz in html volunteer himself/herself *hint hint* but that is not the real issue though. Since I have just thought about it, I need feedback from you food bloggers whether this is viable or not and any of you is wiling to take part. Any particular theme we should set ie. the food has to be in the colours of our Jalur Gemilang or any Malaysian food will do fine etc etc etc... How about any rules and regulations??? Banner, buttons, logos??? Ideas please. Terima Kasih.

The gist of the rules and regulations that I could think of now are:

All Malaysians can partipate no matter where they're located in the world.

Entries must be sensitive to our multi-racial and multi-religion society.

All you have to do is cook (no store bought please, so go charm your mom, granny, brother, sister etc if you can't cook hahaha) at least one dish (theme to be decided later), take some photos, and write about it. Post it in your blog by 29th August 2006 but of course the earlier the better.

All entries must reach me by 29th August 2006, midnight Malaysian time. Round-up will be posted on 31st August 2006 naturally.


All ideas are welcomed and please send them to me by 13th August 2006 at babe_kl(@)yahoo(dot)com. I should finalised by 14th and put up the invitation post. Thanks a mil! Looking forward to your suggestions.

UPDATED 16 August 2006:

I've finalised the details with the theme - Malaysian Recipe Long Forgotten.

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  1. hmmmm, i blogged bout something similiar like this, read on

  2. *puts up hand* Once you got the final details, I will be rushing into the kitchen. Hahaha.

  3. ea, huh?? i dun see how yr post can be related to mine?

    adui lilian & teckiee, before rushing to the kitchen can tolong to think of a theme or gimme some kinda of ideas?? thanks *muaks*

  4. Theme ah?

    1) A traditional Malaysian dish
    (this way easier for the amatuer cooks)

    2) A colourful dish with red, blue and white (this one tough lah, I can only think of jelly and unhealthy colourings LOL)

    That's all I can think of.

  5. Mmm.. how about using only strictly ingredients that r sourced locally? Quite sad that I can't participate in the cooking as will b away from my kitchen for a month. :( But m really looking fwd 2 c all the 'Merdeka' food! Note to self: Get more tissue for salivat-ion marathon!

  6. thanks lilian and tummythoz

    *scribling notes*

    - local ingredients
    - Msian dish (dats on my mind all along, great)

  7. ermm....*puts on thinking cap* ...i cant think of anyyy =(

  8. malaysian dish is fine but any category ? was thinking more towards traditional or long lost recipe.....can be whatever cuisine there it malay, chinese, etc

  9. thanks anyway teckiee

    looks like its inclining that way but it seems like there won't be many participating, mike. anyway, i'll go ahead and see how we fare for the first time.

  10. love the insider view on KL life and the pictures. might bookmark this page :)

  11. wow! I am now real proud to be Malaysian! I wan I wan :D

    I think old, traditional, authentic recipes should be focus. Some dish that is not served in commercial restaurants.
    Recipes consisting of ingredients commonly found here.

  12. thanks for coming by anonymous

    hi audrey... you're spot on! most of us are thinking along the same line. will finalise the details by tomorrow. stay tune.

  13. I'm in!!!!!!!!! Very proud to b a MALAYSIAN!!!!!!!!

  14. thanks puspha for your participation. i've posted up the details.


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