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Cameron Highlands Part 9: Food

This is my last post on Cameron Highlands, I promised. So after viewing all the lovely sceneries and flowers, it's time I should focus on what we have eaten. Since it was raining on both evenings, we ended up having the complimentary dinners that came with the hotel stay which is not too bad but the buffet breakfast is not that great as the selections are pretty poor.

On the first night we have steamboat dinner at Jasmine Garden, a Chinese restaurant. Look at the amount of ingredients that they gave for 2 of us!!! There is another plate that held the noodles and eggs. Err sorry no pics on the steamboat itself as I was busy taking care of my wriggly worm boiboi. So worried that he will hurt himself as he wanna scoop the ingredients out of the pot on his own! They gave us 2 stock base of chicken and tom yum. Hubby and I prefered the tom yum stock as it's more flavourful. I guess if we were to go out to Brinchang for steamboat, it won't be much different from this served at the hotel. Overall, we are pretty pleased with the taste and service was extremely attentive and excellent.

ch - heritage steamboat

Second night, the voucher given was for western set dinner at Rainforest Coffee House. We both have mushroom soup, grilled chicken, a scoop of ice-cream and tea/coffee. I think I would rather stick to Jasmine Garden (hence the small pics shown here hehehe but click on them if you wanna see how they really looked like). The grilled chicken came coated with batter and deep fried instead of being grilled. *blah* I had to removed the coating as it was way too thick. We ordered tuna sandwich for boiboi, they served it with 2 slices of toasted white bread and with very little tuna fillings that my boiboi only had a couple of bites!

h - mushroom soup h - grill chic

h - tuna sandwich rm16 h - choc icecream

I gave my serving of ice-cream to boiboi and he lapped everything up in no time. After he had cleaned out the cup, just take a look at what he did in order to savour the last drop... thank goodness he did not lick the cup clean instead heh :p

h - boiboi ingenuity to lap up icecream

Bala's Chalet's scones and ginger tea. Taste wise the scones are not bad but a bit thin in shape and not as fluffy. Well at least they're not served with whipped cream!!!

bc - scones

bc - ginger tea

We also have scones at Boh Tea Centre. On top of that hubby bought a slice of lemon butter cake and a strawberry jam tart. The scones are pretty good as compared to those served prior their renovation. It's too bad they do not heat up for us and they are served with butter and pre-packed strawberry jam.

boh - sg palas13 tea centre scones

The lemon butter cake was surprisingly good and moist. The lemony taste was just nice and not overly tangy.

boh - sg palas13 tea centre lemon butter cake

This strawberry jam tart was darn pathetic! The pastry no doubt flaky and light but the jam was merely a light coating over the tart case and covered with more pastry in lattice pattern. Soooo stingy on the jam when strawberries were abundance in Cameron Highlands.

boh - sg palas13 tea centre strawberry tart

I had the teh tarik (pulled milk tea) which is absolutely lovely and a great way to counter the strong cold wind blowing at the tip of the tea centre.

boh - sg palas13 tea centre TT

That's about all we had eaten in Cameron Highlands and nothing much to shout about. It hasn't been convenient to bring my boiboi out in the rain scouring for food but overall we're quite satisfied except for the dinner at Rainforest Coffee House. Hoped you have enjoyed my Cameron Highlands series. Biscuit... it's time to plan for a trip ;-)

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