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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Review: Restoran Makanan Laut Fook Kee

UPDATED 21 November 2007: Fook Kee had shifted to a shop lot opposite it's old location.

10 July 2007: Passed by here recently and noticed there is a change of hands. Will update further.

**Non-Halal Posting**

Restoran Makanan Laut Fook Kee is located along Peel Road. Fook Kee or commonly referred as "Zhui Mao" (drunken cat in Cantonese) has been in operation for ages and it has been one of our fave place for dai zhao (big fry literally in Cantonese) dishes. It's known as zhui mao because aeons ago, the chef drank his way thru whilst manning the woks. If I'm not mistaken, he has since retired. Am not sure how the current batch of chefs are related to him.

fk rm38

Do not mistaken with the restaurant next door that uses Zhui Miao (forgot how they spelt it) as its name, that one is the imitation hahaha... yeah. Long ago the original Zhui Mao was situated in that location but was asked to shift out. So Zhui Mao opened his shop next to his old location. The next operator just literally took his name to be used as his jiu pai (name in Cantonese). How unethical eh?

If you so decided to come for dinner on weekends, do come early as they're packed to the brim. However, their service is superb, no matter how packed they are, your meal is usually served very fast. I've timed them on a full house... less than 15 mins and the dishes start to arrive.

Errr, one word though, don't be misled by the word Restaurant, it's actually a dai pai dong (stall in a shack) that looked decent enough. Parking can be challenging. If you're lucky, you may get a space right in front of their restaurant that came with complimentary traffic warden hahaha yeah... to help you getting in and out of the busy road. Otherwise, park at the opposite mall, Queen's Park, I think. Fook Kee is open for both lunch and dinner.

Okay, let's get started with the food... they have plenty of jiu pai dishes... so just ask them to recommend. Those that I can remember off my head are steamed tilapia with special sauce (cheung cheng), deep fried golden beancurd, spicy squid/prawn in small wok and so forth.

This round, hubby and I ordered the spicy squid and prawn that came in a small heated wok. Utmost apetising as the spicy sauce is errr spicy and fragrant. There is a whiff of coconut milk that renders the dish slighly "lemak" (Malay for thick milky flavour). The chef actually cooked the squid and prawns (you can opt for either one but usually we'll order the combo) in the sauce first before placing them in the heated wok. Next, they'll laddle in small scoop of coconut milk. Great with white rice. Actually we always order this dish whenever we come here hahaha.

fk wok chai sotong har sambal

Next came the foo yue yau mak (stir-fry romaine lettuce with fermented beancurd). Fook Kee serves kick-ass foo yue yau mak. One of the best in Kuala Lumpur! The gravy is thick, slightly spicy with the addition of thinly sliced red fresh chillies which is surprisingly not overly salty. I simply love this. (Mike, is yau mak known as romaine lettuce?)

fk foo yue yau mak

Next came the deep fried golden beancurd. It's actually not beancurd per se... it's more like mashed beancurd mixed with fish paste and some other ingredients, steamed, cut into chunks before coated in flour and deep fried. Another favourite. Pretty firm in bite, best eaten dipped in the accompanying chilli sauce.

fk jiu pai dau foo

Did you see the portion served for two of us?? No matter how we remind them, they still give us so much hahaha... so we opted for one bowl of rice shared between us else sure have to dar bao (pack back) the leftovers. One pot of Chinese tea, the three dishes above plus the bowl of rice costed us RM38 only. Very reasonable eh?

Not sure how to get to Peel Road, check out the map here.

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Tummythoz said...

O yes! Totally agree that the small wok spicy prawns/squids is a must have!

Anonymous said...

Don't be too sure on the authencity of this too. You'll find equal camps of people supporting either one of the drunk cats. "one person's medicine is another's poison"

Anonymous said...

interesting and content-rich blog. love it! just want to share with you a place to eat - Restoran Hokkaido, Jalan Ipoh. it's located directly opposite Vistana Hotel (near Pekeliling Bus Station). it's a Halal Chinese Seafood place but the food's pretty good - especially their Superior Soup ("siong tong")... do try and blog about it - would love to read...

Babe_KL said...

thanks for having the same thots tummy ;-)

hi kitty, long time no see. how's your baby getting on? i saw him on his site, so big boy already! well, i gotta trust my source who is old enough to see all these feuds happened. anyway whatever the story is, i dun really care as long as the FOOD is great. is it?

hi anon, yeah i've been to hokkaido long long time ago. food not too bad esp the seafood.