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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Meme - 10 Things I Miss Of Mom's Cooking

Mike of Foodcrazee tagged me with this meme. Sounds simple but then again must we stop at 10? Aahaha sooo many nice goodies that my mom can churned out. After I've shifted away from home, the first few months were the hardest cos there were no homemade meals when I reached home for dinner. Hubby and I always eat out until we both so sien (bored). Since my boiboi is with my parents on weekdays now, I get to have at least 2 homemade meals in a week hehehe... don't miss the cooking so much these days woohooo...

Anyway, my homework said I gotta list 10 things, let's see... (not in order of preference)
  1. There is this dish of cubed dish of potatoes, chicken meat, onions and peas cooked with I dunno what condiments flavoured with loads of white pepper. Wahhh lurrrveee this dish, it's also great to eat it on its own hahaha and I know my brothers and I tend to curi (steal) spoonfuls of it when mom is not looking. Maybe one day I'll cook this dish but I need to ask her what condiments she used.
  2. Hainanese style chicken/pork chop, oh yeahhh, she's not Hainanese but she learnt this dish from her aunt. Wayyy better than Yut Kee's!
  3. Steamed minced pork topped with chopped dried octopus... wahlaueh she cooked this on the day I did not go home but got some leftover last week. I commented on it and suddenly 2 days later I'm savouring this. Gosshhh I love her for this!
  4. Tong shui (sweet soup) in any style... my hubby very lucky to have a MIL like her cos he simply love tong shui. Each time she will cook one big pot and tar pau (pack) one huge container back home for hubby to savour. This is what Cantonese say - YAU SEK YAU LEK!!!! (get to eat and get to bring back literally).
  5. Stir fried Shanghainese Nian Gao (a type of rice cake or pak kor meen in Cantonese). Liked this a lot since it involves a bit of work there. Her version was learnt from her super duper great cook SIL (my dad's sister). It's not dark in colour and it has loads of carrots and cabbages in there.
  6. Her way of pork chop where she will flatten slices of lean meat with the back of a chopper. The meat is cooked in sauce of oyster sauce and thick soya sauce with loads of pepper and dash of sugar. I can't describe the taste... it's peppery but yet slighlty sweet and it's simply delicious.
  7. Assam fish which she hardly cook these days. The taste of this dish has the right balance of tanginess, sweetness and spicyness. I guess she must have lost a bit of touch there since it has been so long she last made this.
  8. Fish (cencaru) stuffed with chilli paste... wahhhh now I'm salivating!!!! She'll need two days to get this done cos the first day she need to prepare the chilli paste of I've no idea what is inside (bad of me huh?) all painstakingly hand pounded and strictly no blender ok! Aiyoh it's lunch time soon, I think I need to find a place that sells this later.
  9. Sambal prawns with petai... I so the miss this now... maybe I should drop by Madam Kwan for a fix soon.
  10. Sambal heibee... err I think it's known as that. Pounded dried shrimps cooked in pounded shallots and chillies (not sure what else) until it's dry like serunding (floss). Ahhhh it's bliss... hehehe shhhh I tend to curi this by the spoonfuls too when she's not looking... shhhhh...
Awww man... there were many more leh... how? Nevermind lah... I'll keep them as it is first. Moms are the best cook don't they??? I know cos I've tasted my friends' mom cooking and they really kick ass too. I won't be tagging anyone, so if you feel like taking up this homework (meme), feel free to go ahead *wink*

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jesscet said...


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My deadline is near.. so would like to hear from u soon.

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maybe u can email me to give me ur contact no and i can call/email u back!

thanks! :)

Babe_KL said...

hi ee-tan, how may i as of help? check your mailboxes

Flower said...

Found frozen petai in the oriental shop nearby my place, might try to make some sambal petai. Your list of food me my air liur meleleh...

Babe_KL said...

hahaha flower make one similar list and show it to us :p btw we're going for the latest range of LRs test drive tomorrow!!! the price is insane ok, will see if i will post about it

Babe_KL said...

cant go lah flower, my boiboi came down with fever. how sad... they have disco3, RR sports and RR supercharged to be test drove!!!