Sunday, 4 June 2006

Cameron Highlands Part 6: Cactus Valley

Next we went Cactus Valley over at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands. RM4 per adult, boiboi managed to get in free. It's a huge place and lots of steps going up and down. Cactus Valley is divided into two sections. As you enter, on your right would be where the cactuses, apple trees, orange trees, pomelo trees etc are located where else on your right side, that's where all the flowers, shrubs and tomatoes are located. The lady owner told us that they will construct a bridge to connect both sides later on. Otherwise, it's pretty tiring climbing up and down.

ch - cactus valley

ch - cv cactus02

ch - cv cactus01

ch - cv cactus pot

ch - cv cactus03

Bird of Paradise.

ch - cv bird of paradise 02 ch - cv bird of paradise 01

Various shades of flower. It's a pity the proprieter did not put up names of the flowers.

ch - cv pink 01

ch - cv pink 02

ch - cv light pink

ch - cv orange

ch - cv white

ch - cv spider plant

ch - cv shrubs01

The colourful gerberas... my fave flower.

ch - cv pink gerberas

ch - cv orange gerberas 02

ch - cv orange gerberas

ch - cv cream orange gerberas

ch - cv cream gerberas 02

ch - cv cream gerberas

ch - cv yellow with orange streaks gerberas

Hydrangea in shades of lilac/pale blue and green or a mix of both.

ch - cv lilac hydra

ch - cv greenish hydra

ch - cv green & lilac hydra

Not sure of the name but they looked lovely hanging above our heads.

ch - cv hanging01 ch - cv hanging02 closeup

A type of bell flower.

ch - cv bell 01 ch - cv bell 02

Another species of bell flower.

ch - cv red

ch - cv red 02

Huge hibiscus!

ch - cv gigantic yellow hibiscus

ch - cv gigantic red hibiscus


ch - cv tomatoes flowers ch - cv ripe tomatoes

Orange Trees

ch - cv orange tree ch - cv orange tree02

Pomelo Trees

ch - pomelo tree

Strawberry patch.

ch - cv strawberries patch

Mini Apple Trees

ch - cv apple trees ch - cv apple trees02

Cameron Apple

ch - cv cameron apple

Maple Tree

ch - cv maple leaves


ch - cv fly on ivy

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  1. Wow, so many cactus and nice flowers. Cameron Highlands is really beautiful!

  2. Havent been there in ages. Wonder hows the weather ?

  3. Cactus Valley is awesome, isn't it? I also took lots of pics of flowers there!

  4. yeah neo, have you been there?

    mike, during my trip, the mornings were great, not that cold but every afternoon it rained. drizzle mostly on evenings so it's wet and cold... superb!

    yeah piggy, even Chen took loads of pics there. can't help it :p


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