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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Roast Chicken ala Chinese

I've made this quite some time back... just saw the pics in my flickr album. After my successful attempt previously I had wanted to make another roast chicken but this time a Chinese style one instead. Can't really recalled what I put in the marinade but it should have some ginger juice, light and thick soy sauce, cooking wine and white pepper. I've even butterflied the chicken! It's a total disaster I would say cos the colour came out uneven and there were some burnt spots too, most probably due to the caramalisation of the thick soy sauce, so I won't be using it anymore heh! This time round I've also used a non-free range chicken... big mistake ok cos the breast portion is wayyy too thick and it's really tough.

This was how the chicken looked like after coming out of the oven. Didn't even bothered to plate it hahaha cos we just dug into the chicken devouring every single bits except the breast parts. Taste wise it was quite all right but somehow it doesn't look very pleasing.

roast chic

For the leftovers of the breast, I've shredded the meat thinly using my fingers. I've used some of them in a fried rice. Just scrambled some eggs in oil and scoop up once it's done. Heat up some oil and place chopped garlic in it. Next stir in the shredded chicken meat, mixed vegetables and day-old-rice. Stir to mix and add in light soy sauce and white pepper to taste. Lastly add in the eggs and stir till mixed.

roast chic fried rice

For the remainder, I've made a stir-fry loh shue fun (rat tail noodles literally translated, it's actually a type of rice noodles). Very simple as well, make some scrambled eggs and set aside. Heat some oil and add in garlic. Fry till fragrant before adding sliced onions and fry till translucent. Next add in shredded cabbage and chicken meat. Pour in some oyster sauce to taste and add a bit of water. Place in blanched loh shue fun (blanch with hot water to wash away the grease and such) and stir. Add more oyster sauce if it's not salty enough. Lastly add in some white pepper and scrambled eggs. Stir to mix and dish up.

roast chic loh shue fun

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