Monday, 19 June 2006

Cameron Highlands Part 8: The Sungei Palas Tea Centre

Continuing with my Cameron Highlands series hahaha I'm sooo behind.

On our way back to Kuala Lumpur we decided to drop by the new Sungei Palas Tea Centre operated by Boh Plantations since the previous attempt was not successful.

The Tea Centre is home to a tea outlet, a souvenir and tea shop as well as an exhibition area with comprehensive information about the tea manufacturing process. The factory is nearby too which you can take a tour and it's free entry to everyone.

As we drove up, we saw the cliff that we've stopped previously before. We decided to stop by again this round and took a breather. This place have a breathtaking view of the whole plantation.

boh - sg palas10b

boh - sg palas10c

boh - sg palas10d

From the cliff, we saw one Defender approaching...

boh - sg palas11a landy

... and it's getting closer...

boh - sg palas11b landy

... and closer. Looks like they're ferrying people down the hill, I saw some of the foreign tourist hitched a ride down too in another Defender.

boh - sg palas11d landy

Look closer and you can see the tea centre and the staff quarters.

boh - sg palas10e

Took these as we were approaching the centre...

boh - sg palas09 tea centre1

boh - sg palas09 tea centre2

boh - sg palas09 tea centre3

The centre itself but we didn't visit the factory as we have been there countless time.

boh - sg palas03 tea centre

boh - sg palas06 tea centre

boh - sg palas04 tea centre

boh - sg palas08 tea centre

boh - sg palas07 tea centre

From the centre...

boh - sg palas02 workers quarters

boh - sg palas01

boh - sg palas10a

We sat right at the end of the cafe... and it's soooo windy.... brrr....!!!! Boiboi took this shot... look how shiny the table is, until can see the reflection of the sky. Actually hor I think he wanted to spyshot the two leng luis jiejies (pretty ladies) hahaha :D

boh - sg palas05 tea centre spy shot by boiboi

boh - sg palas12 tea centre seed on reflective table

It's cool to have bamboos slated as walls as the wind can blow thru them! Yeah this is the ladies...

boh - sg palas06 tea centre - toilet2 boh - sg palas06 tea centre - toilet1

The Sungei Palas Tea Centre is open daily - except Monday - from 9 am to 4:30 pm. Admission to the factory visit is free and information tours are conducted approximately every 30 minutes.

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  1. i was there recently...a lovely place indeed.

  2. Your boi-boi took great pics hor? Like the reflection. Kids have this innocence in them so they tend to get natural shots.

  3. i have to agree with you totally derek

    yeah lilian, it's amazing to pick some lovely pics amongst the blurry ones kakaka i'm sure yr sons take great pics too. u know wat i beh tahan oredi, i gonna upgrade my flickr!!! but first i need to locate where my virtual credit card account PIN!!!

  4. Psst, Babe... pass this message to your Boiboi okie?

    "Boi... next time hor... spyshot means the lenglui jie jie is in the centre of the photo, ok? After that hor, get mummy to teach you to use email, and send to unker at ya? Tenkiu"

    Kekekeke.... :o)

  5. oit sei jai bao hamsta!!! lucky he din use the sony and press the zoom button ahahaha :p if got i die man!

  6. ehh.. i tell u somethg n u dun luff ok.. whispering: actually the biscuit paiseh havent been to cameron yet.. babe_kl n boiboi: HAHAHAHAHHA x_X

  7. hey julie, it's time to make a trip there. dun all these pics on my and lilian's site looked tempting enuff?? :p


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