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16 Oct 2012

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Day 11.1: Zespri® Kiwifruits Platter

In my previous post, as promised I'll show a couple of videos on how to peel a Zespri® kiwifruit easily without any fuss. This way you can serve up kiwifruits in a fruit platter rather than just simply serving kiwifruit halves with teaspoons on the side.

Day 11 Zespri Kiwifruits platter 01

I've captured these videos demonstrated by Rohani Jelani :p since I was the one holding the camera. We did it to show to the assistants how to handle kiwifruits last year. Yeah we tend to document these up as reference.

Do note that, please wash the kiwifruits before cutting and not after. Otherwise you'll wash away the juice and sweetness.

Day 11 Zespri Kiwifruit platter 02

In the next video, Rohani shows how to cut a kiwifruit in a zig zag manner. When you open up the kiwifruit, it looked like a pair of flowers. Ensure you use a sharp knife.

Serve up a platter of Zespri® kiwifruit filled with loads of vitamins, minerals and fibres today. Check out the details on

Day 11: Pandan Zespri® Kiwifruits Cooler

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