Friday, 6 July 2007

My Adapted Marcella Hazan's Bolognese Sauce

I saw Marcella Hazan's Bolognese Sauce here sometime back. Read and filed in my memory since it seems pretty simple just like her Tomato Sauce recipe. I got a pack of minced beef recently thinking of using it for the Bolognese Sauce that I usually make, somehow this Marcella Hazan's recipe appeared out of the sudden on my head. So why not huh... but since I did not have certain ingredients so I adapted it.

I sauteed 1 chopped onions in olive oil till translucent before adding some chopped garlic. Next chucked in the minced beef and brown throughly. Poured in 2 canned whole tomatoes and smash them up into smaller pieces whilst stirring. Since I have a bottle of red wine opened, I put in about half a cup of that. Added salt and black pepper to taste.

It was too tangy for my boiboi's taste, I added some sugar to adjust. Next, I spooned in about 2 tablespoon of butter. By now, the concoction doesn't look very appealing at all... I was kinda worried since I did not use any tomato paste. Thought that could affect the colour of this dish. Anyway, I placed the lid on and simmer.

Whilst uncovering after simmering on low heat for 20 minutes, I can't help but to soak into that whaft of steam, I know it's hot BUT the smell was great!!!! Didn't know flowery wine and butter could smell so good. The colour turned into a deeper red too. I gave it a stir and cover. Simmered for another hour since I need to leave the house. Note that the original recipe is to simmer for 3 hours.

And this was how the sauce looked like...


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  1. Indeed you will need 3 hours to get the perfect sauce. Our friend in UK told me the secret is to cook till the sauce dries up and the oil separated from all the minces. I have never tried Marcella's but the right way is as mentioned above. Pasta is bit too heavy for me in KL. So no western food for me at home.

  2. did ur boi boi get drunk from the red-wine sauce ar? hehehe...3 hours is too long.. i probably end up doing an aglio olio

  3. I was about to ask the same question "your boiboi got drunk ar?" LOL

  4. right on bee khim, when the oil seperates, they looked so good!

    joe & jason, the alcohol evaporated oredi... how to get drunk? hehehe

  5. Aiyo, babe. You no RSS feeder, I always forget to visit you!!

    My girl don't eat tomato sauce, so I dont get to cook it. I must say I much prefer my own tomato sauce than those sold. My recipe also very simple - canned tomatoes, onions, garlic and tomato puree. And simmer until pecah minyak! I use it like curry paste - keep in freezer and then add whatever I like. I've also used it for sheperd's pie with mince mutton.

  6. kat, until now i hv no idea why I cant be RSS feeded hehehe... i noticed meiyen's site also the same, so is audrey's. i've already enabled it wor??? *sobs*

    eh yeah, i always make extra and freeze into cubes ;-)


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