Saturday, 21 July 2007

SHF#33: Tropical Paradise - Mango & Nata De Coco Konnyaku Jelly

This round of Sugar High Friday is hosted by Mary of alpineberry with the theme Tropical Paradise. It will be totally be unforgiven if I did not enter this round of SHF since the country I'm staying in, Malaysia, is practically a tropical paradise the whole year round.

Bearing in mind with the heat at this time of the year, I decided to make some konnyaku jelly with some cubed mangoes, nata de coco that came in a can with mango juice.

Easy peasy with a pack of konnyaku jelly powder (I used Jim Willie's brand) and the suggested amount of sugar on the packet. Mix them well together and set aside.

Konnyaku Jelly Powder and Sugar

I've some cubed mangoes and drained nata de coco on hand. Place these into individual jelly moulds.

mangoes and nata de coco

The nata de coco that I've gotten came with mango juice. So I added some water to it until the amount specified on the packet. You can use more mango juice if you want but make sure you cut down the amount of sugar used. Let it come to a boil in a pan and lower down the heat. Slowly add in the jelly powder and sugar mixture by the tablespoon and stir after each addition. Once done, quickly spoon them into the prepared jelly moulds. You'll need to work fast here as the konnyaku jelly sets pretty quickly.

Let them cool down before refrigerate them. To serve, just use a sharp knife and give it a gentle slide on the side to remove them from the moulds.

Mango and Nata De Coco Konnyaku Jelly

And there you go, a tropical mango and nata de coco konnyaku jelly for this round of Sugar High Friday. Thanks Mary for being a wonder host. Looking forward to the round up.

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  1. Oh my they look so gorgeous... yelowish to golden brown...just like a precious gem stones.

  2. konnyaku and nata! both also super chewy together! And I do agree with BBO.. lovely jellies!

  3. YUM! those turned out well!

    love the new header. though i dont know how new it is cause i haven't visited in a while :)

  4. those 2 awesome golden leafy gems are genuinely true beauties ( not meant to be eaten right?). We would humbly request their xqusite companionship on our next crusade to tropical paradise( the time is NOW !) 30 Aug P Perhentian ( coming ? ).

  5. BBO, i wished they're sparklies on my fingers kekeke

    indeed they are teckiee

    thanks linda, the header is pretty new

    wmw, me too, very q

    team bsg, is dat a date? :p

  6. Looks good and yummy
    yum yum :)

  7. it certainly is a very decent proposal...

  8. easy peasy huh chen?

    ;-) team BSG

  9. I love the moulds that you used. Those jellies are so pretty! Thanks for participcating in SHF.

  10. thanks so much Mary. hope you're better now

  11. i always use konnyaku jelly powder from amway. taste nicer

  12. din know amway hv such item these days. thanks slenz


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