Friday, 13 July 2007

Almost There...

Hmmm... I think I'm almost done with my blog renovation. Still tweaking here and there though. Not sure how long the paints and walls going to last me but for the time being it's going to be a sweet and red strawberries theme. I thought it was going to be easy but nooo... well not when you want something else than offered kekeke...

BTW, I'm not sure if you could click on the icons at my links that will expand and collapse the long long list. I can't seems to be able to click on them on my side. Will check later at another location. Oh yeah, do you prefer to remain in this window when you click on links or would rather have it to open in a new one??? Let me know ok cos for the time being, they will open in the same window.

Hey tummythoz, I got the navigation bar back up there!!! Thank goodness for search engines. :p

In the meantime, about the Merdeka Project, I've got an idea but need to spend some time to cough the words out here. Gimme till next week to come out with the post ok. Sorry for the delay.

Happy weekend all!


  1. I googled El Cerdo & your blogname came up!

  2. Wah! Nice new home. Refreshing! I like it!

  3. errr my fren told me the same thing yesterday tummythoz. any significance?

    pablopabla, thanks

  4. Yay! Look forward to the fun project we had last year. And babe, really time for you to keep all these wonderful posts in your own domain lah. kehkehkeh, pardon the thought.

  5. Wow, so beautiful!!

  6. Very nice..! i really likey.. ;)

  7. Can't click on the links at the side...

  8. i think opening a new window for links would be my preferred choice :)

    And i really love the new look! ;)

  9. hey babe! having been a fan of ur blog since last year, i must say tht my first comments to u run along the lines of: awesome! ur blog looks clean-cut, no frills-- just like some of ur recipes :)

  10. Love the new template, very nice.

    Quick q - what's the diff between XML templates and the one in Blogger?

  11. :D
    Can we "eat" your template?

  12. Neat, clean lines = I Likey! Prefer it if the links open up in new windows;)

  13. hang on there lilian, the project will be announced this week and thanks for the thot

    thanks daryl

    mama bok, dunno how long i can last wid this sugar overload theme :p

    wmw, yeah working on it, dunno wats wrong :(

    thanks expedited writer & unka leong. i think so too, so i will see how to tweak that :p

    thanks so much jun, loved to hear from you and hope this is not your first and last ;-)

    thanks boo_licious. the new blogger runs on XML format. the old one is on html. have you upgraded yours? it's easier to maintain and add links with the new templates.

    jason, let me know how it tasted like :p

  14. hey hey... your blog layout looks great. I came across your blog from links from other foodies. It is a pity that the sambal dishes arent any good! I reside in PErth and SOOOO miss malaysia/sg food!!!!


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