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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Steamed Brinjal With Garlic Oil

Steamed Brinjal With Garlic Oil

My mother used to make this Steamed Brinjal as it's simple and healthy. I recreated it at my kitchen. She used to boiled the brinjal/aubergine whole in water but I steamed them instead. After steaming the brinjal till soften, let it cool down a bit before working on it. Peel off the skin but be careful as it can be very hot. Remove the seeds by scraping them away with a spoon, not easy but you can leave them as it is if you don't mind the seeds. It's ok to leave some seeds behind otherwise you'll end up having very little brinjal left. Oh yeah, you'll need to use more brinjal for this recipe as after removing the skin and seeds, there isn't much left behind.

To serve, simply drizzle some soy sauce to taste and garlic oil. Topped with the garlic bits and chopped fresh red chillies. Best served with sambal belacan on the side.

Note: To make garlic oil, chopped some garlic. Make sure they're quite even in size otherwise will have problem making them brown evenly at the same time. Drop them into hot oil and fry till light golden brown. Shut off the heat and pour into heat proof container. The hot oil will continue to brown the garlic, hence do not over brown them earlier. Usually I make a large batch and keep it for blanched vegetables or to make dry version of noodles.

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"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah...dis is just so simple but it is my favourite vegetable..i reckon white rice and a plate of dis can get me through..yummmm

PabloPabla said...

Sometimes I take this from chap fan shops. Simple and nice.

MeiyeN said...

this's my favourite too!!!!!!! yumzzzz... your mom a "hakka"? seems like your mom and my mom cook almost da same thing... :p

wmw said...

At first glance I thought it was "gau chi", my fave chai kuih. :o)

Babe_KL said...

joe & pablopabla, i reckon a lot of us prefer simple food huh. i notice my simplest food will garner the most comments :p

meiyen, yes my mom is Hakka but I din know this dish is Hakka hahaha

wmw, hehe kinda look geli from another angle esp without the chillies :p

teckiee said...

I actually cook the same way you do. But after removing the skin, I rake the soft brinjal with a fork and add oyster sauce with the garlic onion oil. Totally love it... easy to make somemore. Lazy to cook that time can do this.

daphne said...

yummy! that looks great! Simple dishes are the best.. Goes with everything!

Anonymous said...

The garlic oil makes perfect substitute for packed fried shallots... I used to ladle half a spoonful to my home cooked vermicelli soup or hor fun soup. :P

Babe_KL said...

teckiee, ooo oyster sauce also can is it. all right, thanks for the tip.

;-) daphne

we loved garlic oil too jason!

Anonymous said...

I love brinjal too babe. But recently, my mom was telling me old folks should avoid eating them. Can cause sakit mata. ???!! I like grilled brinjal with cherry tomatoes too. And I usually garnish it with saute garlic before popping in to the oven a while for a short while after grilling.

Anonymous said...

Erm why need to steam first and then remove skin? Cannot remove first then steam? Easier coz not hot.

Babe_KL said...

kim that's what i heard too. i loved grilled brinjal as well.

anon, its hard to remove the skin when it's raw