Monday, 2 July 2007


Warning: Skip this... Not meant for those who are in their 20s and below. This is a self-shioking post :p most prolly high on drugs

I was down with a cold since last Thursday but finally went to the clinic today as my pleghm had changed colour, sore throat had started and I sounded funny. Had half a day off and for once I'm glad that I'm sick and back home early since I managed to catch Concert for Diana at spanking new Wembley Stadium even though its a repeat.

Elton John started off with Your Song... such a beautiful song especially with the tinkling of the piano.

OMG, Duran Duran performed 2nd in line!!!! They were introduced by Prince Andrew and Prince Harry as one of Diana's favourite band. Arrrggghh they played Rio too!!! OOOoooo, I was on cloud nine but ohhh my, John Taylor and Nick Rhodes did not age gracefully definitely haha... John was like errrmmm just woke up from slumber with his hair all ruffled up. I was absolutely crazy over Duran Duran back in the 80s. Yeah, I lived in the mumbo jumbo era :p Could have been better if both Princes rehearsed their speech rather than reading notes.

Absolutely loved Joss Stone and Nelly Furtado segments!!! They both rock!

Bryan Ferry is playing now and he's good too. Errr by the time I'm typing on, its showing Andrew Lloyd Webber section now!!!! Anastacia looked in the pink of health. Josh Groban and Sarah Brightman are simply brilliant. Andrea Bocelli, no need to say of course was fantabulous. Donny Osmond and Jason Donovan still looked dashing.

I'm waiting for Take That (arrghh) and Rod Stewart (arrrghhhh *pull hair*) now... goshhh I took my meds and not sure how long I can last before I went on slumberland. Thank goodness there is You Tube LOL!!!! I'm watching them now :p Just go on to You Tube and search for Concert of Diana... voila... loads of videos were up by now. Oh my, Rod still looked great as ever!!! Eh... no one threw knickers onto the stage kekeke security is pretty tight I guess.

This is certainly a fitting concert to pay tribute to the late Princess Diana. I'm sure she must be very proud of Andrew Williams (thanks Kat :p) and Harry. The snippets in between are very touching and some of them brought tears to my eyes.

Ok I better get this posted and concentrate on the concert. Hope I don't doze off so soon.

Regular programme will resume once I'm no longer on a high.


  1. torrents are already out for download ;-)

    hour one:

    hour two:

  2. Woo Hoo! I enjoyed the concert too...yah la, J Taylor so old looking! At least Simon Le Bon still looks quite alright. I love 80s music!

  3. wow thanks louyeh whoever you are :-)

    wmw, ahem dats the advantage of having round face! thank goodness i'm blessed with one too kekeke

    hmm must update a bit later cos i managed to catch Take That and the closing whilst drifting in and out :p

  4. Aiyah... there's no way I can watch them with the lousy connection at office! T_T

  5. So sick but happy? Think I'll be too. Hehehe. Do get enuf sleep!
    Hmm.. can get well in time or shd I reschedule my stake out time at Max?

  6. so now we know not-so-deep inside lurks many nice things yet to be unleashed till da time (soon) comes (we hope never to miss it when they are happily err released)

  7. hour three:

    hour four:[eztv].torrent

    hour five:[eztv].torrent

    hour six:[eztv].torrent

    babe_kl: no problem. just sharing the video clips. am just a passerby on various blogs.

  8. Fabulous concert!! Yes, John Taylor looked the worse of the three. Then again, he is also the thinnest. The other two got some fat to pad out the lines eh. I loved the Andrew Lloyd Webber segment. Esp Josh and Sarah. My god! I had goosebumps! And Rod was just fantastic! That old rascal still as it in him. Very touching when he sang "Sailing". Disappointed Take That didn't sing "Relight My Fire"! I hope they show it again. So good!

  9. poor jason

    tummythoz, die die must go Max!

    haha team BSG

    stupe, me too!!!

    wow thanks again louyeh

    way, totally agree with you!

  10. you thought jason donovan looked great?? bleah, i was just commenting to wife that he hasnt aged gracefully at all, compared with donny osmond. also, his outfit made him look like a distorted old man. i thought sarah has lost a fair chunk, she has quite a pleasant face.
    josh has come a long way since ally mcbeal.

    it was by pure chance that i caught the lloyd weber segment. (my astro max is set to program all the sitcoms on monday). gawd, michael ball is so corpulent and hideous. (compared with his marius and raoul days).

  11. Hahaha.. you were really high on drugs! Andrew is Charles' brother. Diana's sons are William and Harry!

    Didn't realise there were so many stars! Missed most of it. But I did manage to see a badly aging John Taylor!! :D


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