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Review: Restaurant Wong Poh

Spurned by backStreetGluttons recent post on Restaurant Wong Poh, I decided to heave my heavy bum to write this post up. Our family have a very late Father Day's celebration. One of my brother recommended to try this place which is new to the rest us. Since my aunt and cousin were around, we roped them in for dinner even though they have an early dinner that Sunday. So all in all there were 10 of us inclusive of my boiboi.

We started off with this Kerabu Octopus (RM15.00) that they recommended. When it came, my brother said "got cheated" hahaha when we saw it's just those baby octopus that came straight out from a pack mixed with some mango, red chillies and red onion strips. Served with a squeeze of lime and sprinkling of crushed peanuts. Overall, I give this an okay, quite refreshing and I liked those not too sour mango strips.

WP - kerabu octopus (RM15)

We asked for a tofu dish (RM16.00) and came this deep fried homemade tofu bricks braised with a few types of mushrooms. Nothing spectacular here.

WP - tofu with mushrooms (RM16)

Next, we have a plate of stewed pork belly with peanuts (RM15.00). I like the huge peanuts which were stewed to tender perfection without turning mushy. My boiboi lapped the gravy up with some fried mantau.

WP - stewed pork belly with peanut (RM15)

So it seems fried sang cheung (RM15.00) is Wong Poh's specialty and my brother said it's very good. That's how it ended up on our table. Seriously up till now, we're still debating which part of the pig this came from. Some said it's some part of the intestine but my mom said it's fallopian tubes. Maybe I should ask my butcher tomorrow. Anyhow, these sang cheung came fried with green chilli padis and crispy dried shrimps. This dish with 3 types of crunchiness of varying degrees melded together very well indeed. Definitely a must have.

WP - fried sang cheung (RM15)

I can't recall what type of fish is this, could be red snapper (hoong joe?? I'm really lousy with fish names). Mom chose the fish but I asked it to be steamed Teo Chew style (RM52.30). We loved the slight sourish soup and lapped up most of the soup. Certain parts of the fish were slightly over steamed, hence a bit coarse.

WP - steamed snapper teochew style (RM52.30)

Mom asked for the Four Heavenly Kings (RM12.00). Wong Poh's version have long beans, ladies fingers, four angled beans and petai combinations. Stirred in sambal belacan, nothing special here, lacking a bit in "wok hei" (breath of the wok).

WP - four heavenly Kings (RM12)

Ahhh and finally the piece de resistance - Butter Crabs (RM67.20, I think 2 crabs only if not mistaken)!!! Now this looks like the MUST ORDER dish in Wong Poh cos EVERY single table have a pot of this! Amazing. I know my boiboi was busy mopping the gravy up with mantau and so were the rest of us that we have to asked for more mantau. The waitress "hijacked" one set to serve us first LOL! The fried ones are nicer.

Simply loved the freshness and meatiness of the crabs coupled with the aromatic buttery sauce...! This gravy is slightly thicker than De Foodland Seafood Restaurant and it's way better.

WP - butter crabs (RM67.20)

We have a pot of tea (RM11.50), I think 5 plates of rice (RM3.50), peanuts (RM1.50) plus 5% Government tax, so our dinner costed us a total of RM224.18, seems reasonable. Overall, the dishes are just fine but will come here just for the Butter Crabs. Any other style that are nice here??? Leave me some comments. Thanks.

Have a nice weekend.

Restaurant Wong Poh
36 & 38 Jln BM 1/2
Bukit Mayang Mas
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603-7803 3527

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  1. i never been there before but the crab looks yummy. the crab in kota damansara is very nice as well! i wrote about that here.

  2. The tofu is a rip off at RM16, IMHO.

  3. i didnt enjoy my last trip to Wong Poh. MUCH MUCH prefer city star a few doors down.

  4. butter crab, butter crab and butter crab...
    others are just so so only ~ >.<"

  5. the four heavenly kings sounds interesting. I wonder how they taste like together =)

  6. the butter crab is better than king crab's??

  7. If I can recall, the butter crab will can fight with King Crab's version.

  8. Aiyo, this buttery crabs look sooooo good, I haven't had this dish before in Malaysia...I will have to try the next time. Can you decode the secret ingredients in the crabs?

  9. great u & family enjoyed the spread ! now we have to entice u more ( probably it shud be the other way round ) hahaha

  10. Hi Jelly, thanks for coming by. Whoa those bamboo clams are rather big eh.

    pablopabla & jason, i think so too leh!

    lanatir, ok thanks for the lead ;-)

    ling239, agree with you the dishes are ok but the crab is outstanding

    ironeaters, 4 heavenly kings usually have a combi of 4 items of petai, long beans, four angle beans, brinjal or ladies fingers cooked in sambal belachan. very well married i would say.

    kampungboycitygal, there wmw have replied you hehehe... thanks wmw ;-)

    beeyinn, lemme search the recipe for you ok :D

    team BSG, can check out City Star or not???

  11. Food sounds pretty mediocre huh? Love butter crabs! Better than De Foodland? Waaah must be damn nice!

  12. hmmm the fish is of the coarse kind isnt? but i wouldnt waste a 50pls RM fish to teo cheow steam..cant taste the freshness..

  13. FALLOPIAN TUBES??????? REALLY???!!!! well, i guess it WOULD be a lot cleaner than the usual intestines. if you really think about it, why would any sane person eat intestines....i myself am one of the insane.

  14. paprika, yeah better than De Foodland and according to wmw can match King Crab too.

    joe, no not the coarse kind but certain parts they over steamed. otherwise the fish is fresh and lovely in teo chew style

    FBB, i hvnt find out if its fallopian tubes or not. din go market over the weekend haha... well i guess you're not the only insane one around :D

  15. the palc very the expensive...rm16 for tofu? wah...and the much is it? rm50/kg? 2 crabs re about 1kg actually...for the medium sized one, for a large sized one, it's about 1.5crab/kg....

  16. stupe, i think the tofu has got the fish paste inside but i cant really remember hehe. the crab price is market rate wor and texture much better than defoodland or that rip off north ocean!

  17. Had my first butter crab with gravy here (at that time, butter crab/prawn was the dried type with curry leaves and egg yolk/nestum shreds) - tasted really heavenly with the mantou! I believe they have a huge pot of butter sauce simmering away.

    And I heard that those intestines are vaginas... heehee, imagine how many pigs 'sacrificed' for that dish!!

  18. urrrghh, kat you sure its vagina??? euuuwww! wait lemme find out this weekend


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