Thursday 19 July 2007

Merdeka Open House 2007: Muhibbah

Sorry for the long delay in coming out with this year's Merdeka Open House topic. Last year, I took the idea of Malaysian Recipes Long Forgotten from Mike and Audrey. I was still in a limber since I haven't gotten much suggestions this year, hence I came up with a few ideas and got a poll started. Even with this poll on, I wasn't very satisfied with those ideas as they were created in a harried manner *thousands of apologies*

The majority voted for "Pick yr fave food fm a diff ethnic. Write in detail & explain why & how it became yr fave."

I read and reread this line, gosh... like so lame haha... yeah too easy as a challenge, so I decided to souped it up. So read on if you're interested to participate. Would appreciate if you could get fellow bloggers to take part as well. They need not be a food blogger since there will be options for those who don't cook as well as for those who are staying overseas.

Pick your favourite dish of a different ethnic from yours but this dish has to be something original and not fusionised or tweaked to fit the modern age. Explain in detail how this dish was introduced to you, why and how this particular dish became your favourite. If you could inject some history or origin of this dish as well, it's all the better! With this, I therefore named this year's topic - MUHIBBAH.

Now, if you can, do recreate this dish in your kitchen. You can stick to the original recipe or your own. Those who can't cook, you can go to your favourite place to dine on this dish BUT you will need to do a little bit more... by writing some history about this favourite dining place of yours and how you stumbled upon this place or it could be that your grandparents or parents whom have brought you there since you're young.

Take a picture of your homecooked dish or the one you have ordered, put it up together with your posting. Email me at babe_kl(at)yahoo(dot)com, a copy of this picture (500x375 pixels) and the following details BY midnight Malaysian time of 29 August 2007 but of course the earlier the better. I need time to compose the round up and post it up by 31 August.

Name or nick
Permalink/URL of your post
Name of the dish

Do put this reference at the end of your post for self-round up, just copy and paste:

<a href="" rel="tag"><img alt=" " src="" style="border:0;vertical-align:middle;margin-left:.4em">Merdeka Open House 2007</a>

As long as you’re a Malaysian, doesn't matter where you're located, you can participate. Unlike last year where I forbade sensitive ingredients ie. pork/beef but I'm not going to do so this time. It's difficult to impose but since this is a virtual open house with the Muhibbah theme, I guess it's ok lah. HOWEVER, if you feel offensive please don't take part and please don't spam me. This is just for fun and I hope you guys don't take things so seriously.

Those without a blog, don't fret, you can join in too, just write your article and send me the details together with the picture (if you have). I will post your article on my blog.

Looking forward to your entries and happy cooking/eating!

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  1. Count me in! At last, a chance to write a food post! :D

  2. Oooh so many choices...Must go have a think.

  3. Wokay, sounds fun! Now, should I cook Indian, Malay, Portugese....what else ah?

    Will share this link on my blogs too.

  4. does scramble eggs count ar?? hehe..oh dear me..cook what wor??

  5. I'm so glad you gonna do this Kenny since you're forever so busy :D

    paprika, i have the same problem too

    thanks lilian, you're such a gem! die lah i dunno how to cook my faves :p

    joe, follow the description :p you can make sambal telur perhaps hehe

  6. hmmm i wonder what i'll cook for this year....

  7. Well,... I can't cook so I'll probably take the other option of going to my fave coffee shop/ restaurant.

    Now the only problem is figuring out which type of food to choose!

  8. *rolls eyes*
    Different ethnic ar?

    *scratch head... real hard*

  9. erm.. i'm singaporean with a malaysian partner ... does that count?

  10. This sounds so fun! Looks like my favorite blogger friends are joining in the fun. I have a favorite Malaysian dish that can be improvised to not include pork or beef. No worries, it will still be authentic and not "fusionised".

  11. Does it mean I do the write up and post it in my blog before I send you the picture and info.? So, I shoud complete my end before Aug. 28th right? Sorry blur blur here.

  12. Babe, thanks for doing this again, must think think what to cook. :)

  13. Can I do a Korean dish? Or it has to be either Malay or Indian?

  14. babe, i only cook chinese dishes wor..another ethnic And my fave? very very hard lor.. erm, can a western dish count?

  15. Haiyo...Can a Thai Dish count? Me still North of the border lah this Merdeka ;)

  16. Babe, apart from different ethnic, perhap you would like to include different clan as well? Taking what sc had mentioned, most of us Chinese are more familiar with chinese cooking. My two cents :)

  17. how to lose weight when i read nothing but food here?

    will think of something etnic...sago worms perhaps?

  18. I love this idea! I can't cook means have to do more work...but can't find fav place also. My mum cooks, I eat and then I post, can ah? ;-)

  19. hey babe, will try my very best... bake can or not? :p

  20. teckie, think hard cos i got the same problem too.

    j, not an issue

    daphne, if you feel like joining the fun, by all means then. the more the merrier

    thanks for participating lee ping

    little corner of mine, yes you need to post at your blog before sending to me the details. err can make the dish Malaysian since its a National Day Project

    looking forward to your entry beeyinn

    sc, err can make it Malaysian or not? you can eat out, not necessary cooking it.

    unka leong, thai? hmmmm can you find a northern malaysian thai dish to make? :p

    kim, its a challenge, that's why it's best to learn how to cook your fellow malaysian's dish, well at least for once. i'm having problem myself too hehehe... hey, you can try nyonya which is pretty close to chinese style ;-)

    stupe, dat's your entry is it???

    kittycat, can!

    yes meiyen, bake, grill, steam, stir fry... all are welcomed

  21. haiyoh!! NO tweaking??? I thought of making salmon or trout Assam Pedas hahaha because it is impossible to get good fish here. Now have to think of somethign else...

  22. Aiyo babe, this is really a challenge! Because I only know how to bake!! LOL

    Hmmm.. my malay neighbour did teach me her assam pedas, and my indian neighbour shared her sardine curry recipe with me. Such simple dishes, can ah?? I see if I have time to make something before I leave. Worry cannot get the ingredients when I am there! :D

  23. lisa, for your case, ok lah since you're oberseas. thanks for taking part and take care yeah ;-)

    kat, can do!

  24. scratching my head...thinking lazy version of nasi lemak counts tak?

  25. xlb, why not make it from scratch as a challenge? :p i think i'm gonna die soon, i cant think of anything i can cook haha

  26. babe,
    hahaha I was scratching my head too ;-) There are soooooooooo many recipes - kuih muih, lauk pauk, drinks etc kan kan????

    I am sure you're come up with something fantastic!

  27. i so wanna be in on this but no promises yet as I might be at bkk for assignment prior to merdeka. see if i can whip up something earlier on. love the spirit!

  28. *gasp* lisa, i'm still in a limbo!

    thanks rachel for being such a sport.

  29. I would love to take part in this, do count me in!

    I gotta think of my favorite grandma's recipe now :)

  30. expedited writer, thanks in advance

    jackson, not too late. still have plenty of time

  31. Can I make telur 1/2 masak ? lol

    Muhibbah what ...

  32. Hi Lianne, you're still not late cos you'll only need to submit by 29 Aug. Hey with your culinary skill, am sure you can do better than telur setengah masak, unless you can write a terribily good story about the eggs then why not hehehe

  33. Yay! Thanks babe! Putting on my thinking cap now *stress stress*. For the spirit of our beloved country's independence .. okaylah, will come up with something more canggih *grin*


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