Friday, 4 May 2007

Review: Taiwan House @ Ampang Point

Taiwan House in Ampang Point

We tend to come by Taiwan House if we're around in Ampang Point area. Definitely for their yummilicious beef noodles but they have other fares too. Like this Jar Jiang Mien (err how to translate? meat sauce noodle perhaps.) that hubby ordered. Minced meat sauce generously topped the noodles with julienned carrots and cucumber. The sauce is great but I didn't liked the type of noodles they've used. They just don't match but then hubby lapped up all.

TH - jar jiang mien

I always have a bowl of beef noodle soup rather than the dry version for I loved sipping on the flavourful broth filled with loads of vegetables like choy sum and thick chunks of carrot and white radish. I opted for meat and beef ball where the meat is very tender and the beef ball being crunchy. Best dipped in the tangy chilli dip and some salted mustard vegetables (ham choy) to go with the noodles.

TH - Beef Noodles

TH - Condiments01

We ordered some dumplings (sui kow Taiwanese style) for boiboi. The dumplings are deliciously filled with chicken meat came in a chicken broth with lots of choy sum. At times I would just order a bowl of these for a lighter meal. Best part is Taiwan House is halal.

TH - dumplings

Taiwan House
Lot F31, 1st Floor,
Ampang Point Shopping Centre,
Jalan Mamanda 3 , Ampang
Tel: 012-298 8033
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 9pm daily

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  1. I've been to Taiwan House several times but never noticed it's halal. Thanks for mentioning this cos I'm always on the lookout for good halal Chinese places to take my Muslim friends...

    Haven't been there in months though, Ampang just not my part of the world, haha.

  2. have u tried the beef noodles at formosa ss2? priced at rm 15 per bowl..but its definitely worth while

  3. I think there's a Taiwan House in Wisma Cosway, if I am not mistaken. But I haven't tried it before. Btw, can't shoot with handphone too uh. Good stuff !

  4. no problem kenny cos i'm also on the look out for halal Chinese grubs for my friends

    thanks for lead KampungboyCitygal

    Wisma Cosway? Okie I'll check that out. Thanks Tim.

  5. babe, congrats! you was featured in star paper yesterday!

  6. wah, babe, your celebrity status is now immortalised in the sunday star!!!! i am so proud to know you and boolicious.

  7. thank meiyen, i din realised it until bee yinn told me :p

    fbb, wat celebs status?? haha... btw u wait for yr turn

  8. D disadvantage of not getting d papers on Sundays - get belated news. CONGRATULATIONS!! So rude of d papers for not asking permission or notifying before printing. Hmm wonder if the one who collated d article gets paid ...

    Oh, as for Taiwan House, v usually visit its nearby branch next to Habib Jewel. More of that hamchoy, pls! Then again, v do get very thirsty after our meal there.

  9. thanks tummythoz. yeah i noticed these days i feel thirsty too after lapping up the soup.


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