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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 11 May 2007

Safety Reminder

My fellow blogger Kat had her bag snatched right from her lap whilst she was at The Food Foundry yesterday's evening. It's so alarming to know that this actually happened in a restaurant proper and boo_licious had mentioned that it occured in KLCC as well.

Well this is not something new but it usually happens in hawker places... so far the hawkers opposite Neroteca and at Madras Lane have warned me of such occurrences. Do not leave your mobile phones and wallets on the table while you're eating and now you can't seems to put them on your lap too! I guess the best would be stuffing everything into your pockets!

Well usually I twirl the strap round my arm whenever I placed my bag on my lap, can't imagine what will happen to my arm should the nasty snatch thieves decided to pull some stunts on me.

So be mindful ok.


MeiyeN said...

another case! O_o omg, best of all... don't bring handbags... wear pants/skirts with lotsa pockets and stuff in our $$$$, cards.. etc

Flower said...

I seldom carry my bag if i go out for makan during my office lunch break and i would put my handphone or my purse under my thigh. i guess this kind of thing is very rampant in malaysia now. What happen to malaysia. banyak betul pencuri

backStreetGluttons said...

nex makan out take us along all ok ! sorry ladies

GFAD said...

Thanks for highlighting this, babe. I think it's important to remind people to be aware of their surroundings and belongings at all times when they are out in public places, crowded or otherwise. And it just occurred to me that something more nasty could've have happened if I had slung my bag's strap around my arm, instead of just lying on my lap!!

Oh and you may want to consider backing up all your phone numbers in your phone too!

Babe_KL said...

sighh easy to say huh meiyen, but we ladies have thousands and one things to carry LOL

flower, its very sad situation in Malaysia now :(

team bsg, it happens to guys too, so you guys gotta be aware as well

no problem kat. must raise the awareness. ooo, i usually sync my phone contacts with my outlook contacts but not very often though... i totally understand that cos i got my phone stolen once and thank goodness i had backup albeit an old one!

ac said...

aiyo so dangerous...guys and gals also become target liau. will safeguard hp+wallet+keys etc from now on

in both snatch cases, the snatch thiefs were locals or foreigners?