Thursday, 17 May 2007

Braised Deep Fried Mee Sua

Munn Mien Sien

I've some left over deep fried mee sua (flour vermicelli) from my failed Kong Nam Meen adventure and decided to braise (munn in Cantonese) them.

Prepared by cutting the vegetables ie baby corn, capsicum, carrots and celery (whatever I found in my fridge actually). Minced some chicken breast and marinade with some soy sauce, a dash of sesame seeds oil and a bit of cornflour. Shelled some shrimps and devine them as well. I've some sliced up fish cakes as well. Oh yeah, chopped a few cloves of garlic, the more the merrier!

Heat up some oil and fry the minced meat till slightly browned before putting in the garlic. Keep stirring and once fragrant, add in the prawns. Stir till cooked. Next add in the vegetables and fish cakes. Stir till mixed well. Next, pour in some water and add in some oyster sauce and dark soy sauce to taste. Cover and let it come to a boil. Taste the gravy now and adjust with seasonings like salt, pepper and a wee bit of sugar.

Put in the deep fried mee sua (or you can use deep fried yee meen or sang meen) which I've quickly washed with some hot water to get rid of the grease. Ensure there is enough water to cover up the noodles. Lower the heat and cover. Simmer till gravy is slightly dry. Uncover and then stir fry the noodles till they got drier. Dish up and serve with lots of sliced red chillies.

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  1. You're quite an accomplished cook...

    Simply appetising!

  2. thanks kor kor ;-) i was inspired by you back then but then again it could be my photo taking skills hahaha

  3. just the picture to look make a hungry person feel starved. hahaha...

    how long did the deep fried mee sua last you in the fridge, babe jie? if can keep deep fried noodles for at least 1 week, then kautim liau...can cook (deep fry) in advance, use some and store for later. mun yee meen is 1 of my comfort food :)

    *rubs hand in glee* can add in shao shing rice wine also right? for the extra oomph in taste :P

    so delicious-nya...

  4. I always like fried mee sua but that's what I eat outside. Normal mee sua seems it will "stick" on the pan/wok if I fry them....or maybe I really have to use those deep fried ones. With those ingredients you added, I know this is only going to be tasty!

  5. ac, usually u can keep the uncooked deep fried mee sua for a while but not overly long. otherwise it will turn rancid. can smell the oil - chau yau yik??? btw i usually buy pre-fried mee sua. can be found in wet market. for pre-fried yee meen, dat can be found in supermarts too.

    tigerfish, i've eaten the fried mee sua before and i've never attempted to cook that since i've no idea how to make it less sticky. i guess using deep fried ones are easier huh?


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