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Review: Satay Malaysia aka Nyuk Lan Kajang Satay

SM - Satay Malaysia

I was going thru the latest pull-out of Flavours magazine which featured makan places around Kajang, Balakong, Seri Kembangan, Putrajaya etc... Came across Restoran Malaysia (Nyuk Lan Satay Kajang), gosh I haven't put up my post yet even though the pictures were already saved in draft mode for the longest ever. Lots of backlogs I have in here *blush*

Restoran Malaysia is another place to go for satay Kajang other then the famous Haji Samuri at Bangunan Dato' Nazir (next to the stadium) or those at the medan satay. We used to go to Haji Samuri pretty often until they have gotten too big over at Bangunan Dato' Nazir. They're now occupying the whole of ground floor. With brisk business, their satay suffered... cos they tend to cook in a haste and left many sticks uncooked.

The satay at Restoran Malaysia is comparable to Haji Samuri. I simply loved the beef satay (60 sens per stick) here. They're not over cooked and tasted juciy and tender. Not forgetting, they're very flavourful too. Chicken satay here is worth all my 60 sens cos I get to eat the whole stick of meat rather being interpersed with chicken skin!

SM - beef and chicken satay

Best dipped in the slight sweetish peanut sauce with a dollop of firery sambal for the extra zing. We loved how they served the ketupat, still in the tradisional way within the coconut leaves casing. First round of cucumber and onions (but most times they don't serve onions! duh...) is complimentary. Extra serving will be charged 50 sens. I wished they could serve their peanut sauce in a big bowl like Haji Samuri, otherwise it's quite a task getting their staff to bring in extra bowls of sauce (no extra charge for this though haha).

BTW, they serve fried rice and noodles too but seriously we won't bothered. They're really not up to mark, plus it's halal... how Hokkien fried noodles can taste delish without the obligatory chu yau char (lard)?? :p heh

SM - peanut sauce n ketupat

Restoran Malaysia (Nyuk Lan Kajang Satay)
31 Jalan Semenyih
Tel: 603-8733 1160
Opens from 10am till 11pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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  1. was at hj samuri on sunday evening ard 5pm. less ppl, hence the satay was better prepared. however, the 2nd batch of satays we ordered weren't so nice anymore.

  2. luckily had some beef satay over the w/end, otherwise will be knocking at the screen or send some goons over at your place hehe, cheers !:)

  3. yumm..satay has always been associated with kajang isnt?

  4. summiting this for the star makan makan column ah? next week is all about satay!

  5. mmmm... satay... *adds it to list of things to eat when I get home*

  6. oliviasy, 2nd batch not nice cos you guys full oredi is it? hehe

    melting wok, thank goodness satay is widely avaible in most part of the world huh?

    joe, yeah that's the only thing Kajang is famous for I guess, just like Ijok's beggar chicken, Seremban's siew bao...

    stupe, yaka, i dun read star everyday one lah

    bee nee, i bet your list is super long right now huh?

  7. Yeah, had uncooked meat incidents at Samsuri's before too. Horrifying as lights were quite dim & only realised when started chewing.
    This, I think I tried before. Found the chicken pieces a bit dry.

  8. tummythoz, i only find the chicken satay dry when they use breast part but overall better than tasting uncooked meat hehe

  9. I went to Kajang for satay before but I didn't think it was that great...perhaps I went to the wrong stall. :P

  10. hellos babe jie :)

    restaurant malaysia is good for lean satay...been eating and tapau'ing satay there for ages. haji samuri was good before the TV exposure...after it, the Q just went down.

  11. Hj Samuri's satay will have to do, when we want Kajang satay without going to Kajang. He he...

  12. bee yinn, maybe huh. next time you come back i can pack some for you to try ;-)

    ac, i guess Haji Samuri suffered when they mass produced

    wmw, totally agree with you. actually its no point driving all the way there for satay.

  13. When we go Kajang, we usually eat here vs Hj Samuri. Only seem to eat Hj Samuri out of Kajang. There's also Lat Tong in Kajang if you don't want satay.

  14. I tend to stay away from satay as I can't seem to stop once I start! My record in one seating - 20 sticks. Maybe that doesn't sound like a lot but I also had popiah, kway teow soup and rojak at the time. Oh i feel a bit sick thinking about it...

  15. *kow tow* praprika! you very da terror. my max in one sitting would be 15 sticks (the kajang ones) and dats for satay only. even so i would be so stuffed :p

  16. boo_licious, i saw your recommendations hehe... but hubby not a fan of lat tong :(

  17. Yeap, this place is comparable to Haji Samuri. However ... I don't think the satay in Kajang is any good anymore. Somehow ... I felt the satay in Ipoh is so much better ... what a sad case. And to think Kajang is the popular hotspot for Satay.

  18. yes pea, very easy to locate.

    timothy, yeah at one time Kajang municipal council was trying to promote satay to attract people to visit kajang

  19. aiyaya...satay! i remember once my "KAJANG" fren brought us to her favourite kajang place but end up, non-stop complain from me ( the meat was over-cook, the ketupat was bad ).. i guess i should try this out!

  20. jackson, there isnt many places famous for satay in kajang. you sure its not this place? this one is located in a corner shophouse.

  21. thanks! another place for satay next time :-)

  22. Am I too late to give comment ah? Well, in my opinion, Nyok Lan definitely beats Hj Samuri hands down. Did you not try their Satay Kambing? That is one shiokalingam satay, I must say. Tender and juicy. Only thing is, NL stinges on the onions, cucumbers and the all-important gravy compared to Hj Samuri.

  23. Look yummy.


  24. tekko, hope you'll like this place

    pablo, it's always never too late. totally agree with you on the cucumber and sauce. can see their waiter's face changes by the number of times you ask them to add the sauce :p

    thanks henry


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