Friday, 4 May 2007

Kiddy Craft: Food and Vegetable Stamping

Here's something for my friend. This craft is something that most of us have done during our childhood days but kids nowadays are a privilege lot where they have ready made stamping set, foams etc to use. However, I think using natural stamps made of vegetables, tubers, leaves and stems are more fun. Guarantee that your kids will be amazed and have lots of fun stamping out with such items.

I managed to have some lotus root (just sliced across) and carved some motifs on carrots and potatoes. You can see that I'm a lousy carver here hehe but who the heck cares when my boiboi think it's wonderful and his mommy is so powderful creating stuff like this for him to kill time.

kiddy - food stamps

I just gave him some paint and paintbrushes, let him paint on the vegetables before stamping onto drawing blocks. Got him occupied at least for an hour!

kiddy - food stamping

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  1. Those vegetable stamps bring back such fond memories.. Glad your boiboi had fun with them =)

  2. yeah bee nee, not only fun, can learn the name of the vege too

  3. Hahaha..used to do that in art class when i was in primary 1. My fav would be the lady fingers. But i remembered once i asked the teacher that mum taught me not to play with food! Haha!

  4. yeah ivy, i forgot to ask for one lady finger's that day :p from my vege seller


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