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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 11 May 2007

Mango Royale

Long ago before I could find another Malaysian food blogger in my links... I was busy reading food blogs from all over world. Sassy's blog Pinoy Cook is one of them. I had always admired a busy lady like her could ever have so much time to spend in the kitchen dishing out so many lovely Pinoy dishes. I've learnt so much about Filipino's food from her blog.

This Mango Royale is one of the recipe I had always wanted to try out but somehow I never got round to it. I made a trip to Imbi Market recently for breakie and couldn't resist taking a walk around the fruits stalls. Hmmm seems like mangoes are in season now since every stall is busy promoting them. I bought 2 bagfuls of fruits and of course loads of mangoes too.

With so many mangoes on hand, I suddenly recalled this Mango Royale dessert and proceeded to dig out the recipe. Checked the fridge and I have all the ingredients needed.

I've reduced the portion by using only 50ml condensed milk with 200ml of cream ratio and used crushed digestive biscuits instead. Feel free to adjust the milk to control the sweetness that you would prefer. There was another recipe that Sassy have perfected using crushed graham crackers but I can't seems to find the link but nevermind, just use crushed digestive biscuit will do. You can replace the mango with strawberries or maybe some other fruits that tickled your fancy.

One tip... I did not follow Sassy's recipe asking to press down the crushed biscuits using hands but instead I used the back of a spoon and oh my I really compacted them which is totally a big booboo. The layer of biscuit became very hard after storing in the freezer LOL!!! Yup, even after defrosting for 30 minutes. *Ahem* so lesson learnt here. I've followed her advice though in scooping the halved mangoes with a spoon and used them like it is without cutting them further.

Once done, you might need to remove from the fridge for a while like maybe 10 - 15 minutes before cutting them into pieces for serving. As it turned out... it's one of the best dessert I've tasted in a long long time. The creamy bits complimented the sweet mangoes and seriously they're very very very addictive!!! My guinea pig can testify on that since he has not been saying good things about my cooking of late hehe... check out how mine looked like...

Mango Royale

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Recipe can be found in Sassy's Pinoy Cook. Thanks Sassy for the wonderful recipe.


PP said...

Ooh this looks easy and a treat! I like! And I will be trying it if I can get someone to eat it up! :)

Babe_KL said...

paris, i volunteer!!!! LOL make it for parties then. else make smaller batch since they can be kept in the freezer for a few days. trust me, it won't last long in there!

Tummythoz said...

What a ecpc delicious dessert. Mangoes! Yummy yum yum.
Paris, *hopping & waving both arms like crazy* I'll help, I'll help!

Jackson said...

Alamak! I love Mangoes! Can i be the guinea pig?? LOL

GFAD said...

babe, such an easy recipe! And yours look really nice. Very tempted to try it out as I have some crackers lying around. But what exactly is it?? Texture is like cheesecake? Or like ice cream?

Thanks for the link too. In AUH, there are a lot of Filipinos, and finding their ingredients is quite easy, so I want to learn more about their food. So far, from what I have tasted, their food is the closest to our Chinese food over there, even more than the Chinese restaurants (which are opened by China-chinese).

Babe_KL said...

i hope paris heard us, tummythoz!

there you go paris, another guinea pig for you haha

kat, it's really simple and tasted divine. texture is a bit creamy but not heavy like cheesecake. you should at least try once. glad you like sassy's sites and i have a few more in my links there.

ac said...

oh yummy...i lups mangoes

and since no need to peel the skin (just scoop out mango flesh with spoon) makes life so much easier :D

**KIV recipe* thanks for this post babe jie.

celine said...

had some quests over for dinner, and i made this for dessert. it was very well received. thanks for sharing the recipe.

Feifei said...

I just made the recipe for the first time and while I love its taste, just wondering is it normal for this dessert to melt at room temperature after about 30 minutes or so and not set even in the fridge? Sassy mentioned in her recipe notes, not to let the cream filling freeze for too long because ice crystals will form which will ruin its texture, but the problem is that if I don't keep it in the freezer, then it just won't set. For example, I would leave the dessert in the freezer for 1-2 days ('cos can't finish the whole dessert in one sitting), and every time I want to eat it, I cut a slice out (frozen hard) and then wait till it has defrosted abit before eating it and it still has specks of ice crystals. Is that normal? and then I place any leftovers back into the freezer to harden up again for next time. so it's basically a frozen dessert like icecream as in it can't sit out at room temperature or in fridge for too long or it'll melt right? Sorry for questions, I just want to see if I've made the dessert correctly. Thanks.

Babe_KL said...

Hi FeiFei, my answer to all your questions is yes :p

This dessert has to be frozen and yes the longer you freeze it, it will form crystals which is normal. Remove from freezer for 15-20 mins depending on weather before serving, otherwise it will be rock hard.

There are some enquiries for this recipe in this link as well, see the comments