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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 21 May 2007

SHF#31: Neutral Territory - Longan Royale

I just realised I have not participate in any of the monthly cooking events since last June! It's time I get my lazy bones cracking again... I saw this month's Sugar High Friday event on Is My Blog Burning. This month's theme is pretty unique, in terms that participants need to create desserts in shades of white! This round is hosted by Tara of Seven Spoons who is a first timer in hosting such events. Do check out her blog for the round up on 25 May 2007.

Actually participating in this event is just an excuse to recreate the Mango Royale I made recently. I just couldn't get enough of this dessert! Enough said but then I can't get white coloured mangoes, can I? The next best option - strawberries, ain't white either! Sighhh... so I checked my larder inside out and found a couple of canned longan in syrup. Looking at the longan on the label gave me an idea to try out this dessert since the fruit came within the shade of white.

Tweaking the recipe posted by Sassy, I've replaced the mango with drained canned longan and used Tiger brand plain biscuit instead of digestive biscuits. I kinda like the milky flavour of this biscuit which worked well for this recipe.

Here's the result of my creation... Longan Royale, topped with more drained longan.

longan royale01

Tasted just as good as Mango Royale but I think mango version is still the best! Do let the dessert defrost a bit otherwise the frozen longan can be a bit chewy. Thanks Tara for hosting this round of Sugar High Friday!

Mango Royale

Ingredients :
1 k. of fresh ripe Philippine mangoes
1-100 ml. can of sweetened condensed milk
2-250 g. packs of all-purpose cream
10-15 graham crackers (depending on the size of your container)

Cooking procedure :

I used two medium-sized rectangular plastic freezer containers for my mango royale.

Cut the both sides of the mangoes down the middle. You won’t be using the little meat attached to the seeds (we ate them while we were making the dessert). Take each mango half and, using a big spoon, scoop out the meat from the skin.

Line the container with whole graham crackers. Cut a few pieces of crackers, if necessary to fit along the sides. Repeat with another layer. Top with mango halves.

With a wire whisk, blend together the cream and sweetened condensed milk. Pour over the strawberry-topped crackers. Cover tightly and freeze for at least two hours or until firm.

Ref: Connie Veneracion (Sassy), Mango Royale,
longan royale02

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BlackGoblin said...

look good... hey babe been a while haven't seen you posting on pps ;)

Will said...

don't really fancy longan... i wonder if can replace with durian... hehehe just kidding

wmw said...

Weeeee....more cakes! Lovely!

Babe_KL said...

blackgoblin, i still post on PPS, maybe you din catch it haha

will, durian will be a bad idea. very jelak!

wmw, LOL the Msian flogsphere is on a sugar high roll

sc said...

babe, what's all-purpose cream? where can i buy it? i was surfing the net, i came across another philipino lady who used durians for this recipe though..guess it tasted fine too?

fatboybakes said...

dear gourmet guru, can i please ask what may seem a rather stupid question. i find that i cant find CONDENSED MILK anywhere anymore. all the tins say KRIMER PEKAT, or THICKENED CREAMER. is it the one and the same, coz all these KRIMER PEKAT contain palm oil extracts....
which brand is still pure unadulterated condense milk, or have we always been eating this fake composite for years, and only now the cows have voiced their objection?

also, the krimer pekat seems a lot less pekat that those susu cap junjung ads of yesteryear, where the viscous liquid crawls off the layers of bread like the night mail train to singapore....

having said that, your longan royale looks yummmy.

Babe_KL said...

sc, you can find Nestle all purpose cream in Village Grocer in Bangsar Village but whipping cream can be used too. wow durian? you can try then let me know, might be a bit rich. hmmm maybe i can experiment a bit there since durian season is on!

my dear fbb, i have that mind boggling problem too. i cant seems to find condensed milk on our shelves anymore too!!! not even Milkmaid nor Teapot has condensed milk. worst, can't even locate them on Nestle website! its either Krimer Pekat or Krimer Manis!!! plus so many other terms... usually I just ask the si tao poh of the medicine hall if they're thick or thin type.

sc said...

hmmm, i purposely went to Village grocer coz i was certain i'll find it there. but i didnt see any when i was there last sat (i checked at the milk, yoghurt, cheese section). maybe eveyone wanted to try making royales (after reading your post) and it's out of stock? thanks anyways! :)

Babe_KL said...

sc, use whipping cream, its actually quite the same for layman like us haha

sc said...

thanks babe, will do just that :). btw, the lady who used durian for her royale? here's the site, recipe looks the same as sassy's

Babe_KL said...

hey sc, thanks for the link. you're such a darling. the durian version is made slightly different even though the ingredients are the same. ahem, it's durian season... tunggu apa? :p

tara said...

Well done and truly fulfilling the white requirement! Thank you so much for participating in this month's SHF. Cheers.

Babe_KL said...

thanks tara for hosting this event

Melting Wok said...

WoWwwww, damn yummy !!! :) I got whip cream in my fridge, and mangoes in the freezer, can use whipped cream instead of heavy cream yea ? Same measurement a not ? TIA :)

Babe_KL said...

melting wok, not sure about heavy cream though. havent try them with it. you may halved or quartered the recipe just to test out. lemme me know the outcome ok?