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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Review: De Foodland Seafood Restaurant

**Non-Halal Posting**

It's funny even though my side of the family have been residing in Kepong for ages but yet no one at home ever mentioned to go to De Foodland Seafood Restaurant over at Bandar Menjalara. I've read many bloggers from afar singing praises of this place but yet to come across neighbours and friends in the area recommending this place. So finally, I suggested one day we should try this out at least for once, just to satisfy my curiosity.

Upon reaching De Foodland, haiyah, my parents recognised the signage and mentioned that they have eaten at this place during their "shack" days but strangely they never brought me along grrrr... daddy explained to me their location back then, when I recalled they did mentioned about this dai chow (big stir fry) hidden somewhere in the hilltop factory area that can cook up many many styles of crabs! Little did they know De Foodland have expanded so big... at least 2 shop lots, upstairs and downstairs!

Back on our food ordering for 7 adults, hubby asked for chuk tarn (bamboo clams) done kum heung (spicy dried shrimps with curry leaves) style (RM15). The clams were way too small to our liking even though when we asked about the size, they claimed its medium but really, they're so thin. The whole plate is covered mostly with shells! Tastewise oklah. Appologies over the photos cos everyone attacked them before the plate reached my side for decent photo taking LOL.

DF - kum heong chuk tarn

Next came Mutt Chup Pai Kuat (honeyed pork ribs RM12.00) which is tender and tasty where the sweetness is not over cloying.

DF - honeyed pork ribs

The Foo Yue Yau Mak (stir-fried romaine lettuce in fermented beancurd RM10.00) were fried with enough "wok hei" (breath of a wok). Fermented beancurd used was just right without being too salty.

DF - foo yue yau mak

Loved this deep fried beancurd bricks (RM10.00) with the accompanied chilli dip. Minced seafood can be detected.

DF - deep fried tofu

The star of the night were the crabs dishes. We have the Creamy Butter Crab which has a lovely butter flavoured gravy. The creaminess is just nice, not to heavy. Funny, my mom who is not a big fan of butter, cream nor milk... tried one piece and did not complained any milkiness in them and I think she ate more than one piece!

DF - Creamy Crabs

Daddy asked for Sweet and Sour Crabs, which in contrast looked so right as compared to our previous experience. It's full of chopped garlic and ginger that enhanced the taste wonderfully. We lapped up the gravy with deep fried bun (RM3.00) and added another roll that the server hijacked to serve us first. Sometimes sitting near the kitchen could be an added advantage hahaha...

DF - sweet n sour crabs

Both crabs dishes costed us RM104.00 which is pretty fair but then again we detected some bitterness in the meat. The captain explained that at certain season the crabs from Indonesia would have slight bitterness in them which they claim could be due to their diet. Oh well... not that it's so bitter, luckily we did not order the steamed ones.

Overall I would say their dishes were so so only, even my dad said the same but reasonabily priced though. At least I knew, he enjoyed the crabs a lot. We ought to just stick to their crabs then huh??

DF Addy

DF Map

Prices above excludes 5% Government tax imposed.

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Precious Pea said... long never have crabs oledi...2 months at least. Don't care, like it or not, my hubby got to bring me to crab. He said he very jelak eversince the last crab meal we had which was filled with crab roe.

ac said...

wah slurps...i like the foo yee yau mak and the seafood tofu bricks...

RM10 each for 7 adult portions seems quite ok. not too expensive hor...

the map does help to find out where this place is in Bdr Menjalara...still a foreign place for me...ekekeke

TriStupe said...

i love crabs...and i shall keep this in mind when i go to menjalara area...

Tummythoz said...

Me too. Long time no do crab. My knees going weak by that sweet & sour crab pic di.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

went there once. Didn't think it was anything great after experiencing great seafood in the PJ area. I like the crabs steamed in wine...that was good.

Babe_KL said...

pea, ask yr hubby to stay at home and sponsor us to makan crabs with you haha

ac, ok lah since we ordered so many dishes but seriously this place is not worth all your way :p

stupe, pssst there are better ones

haha tummythoz, its time to fill up otherwise knees so weak have to crawl!

lemongrass, i think so too, judging from the King and Queen of the family. i seriously think non of my family members will suggest for a return. there are far too many new restaurants in kepong these days!

CFC said...

I work in Kepong and seldom go there too. Mebbe one day we all go there, K?

Babe_KL said...

cfc, there are better places elsewhere ler :(

MeiyeN said...

aiks.... thought wanna bring my family to try their crabs anytime soon but think of it maybe i should drop by king crab 1st :p

Babe_KL said...

ya ya meiyen, i think King Crabs have more thumbs up than this one.

Mark said...

Yummy crab! my favorite.