Thursday, 30 November 2006

Rude Encounter

I had an encounter with a very rude man last week, I was so shocked and angry with his action that I took his picture, of course without his knowledge but allow me to explain the situation...

It was already 7.30pm and I was waiting for my train to arrive at Masjid Jamek Station (Star Line). The moment I see the train approaching, I moved and stood next to the yellow line. I was lucky that by the time the train stopped, the door was right in front of me and I shifted towards the left of the door to let passengers to disembark. It is clearly seen that there were quite a number of seats were empty inside the carriage.

As the last of the passenger disembarked, I put my right foot onto the carriage and before I could step in further, this man...

rude man

... cut into my path from my right. Thank goodness I managed to stopped on time and grabbed onto the side of the door, otherwise I would have missed my step and something untoward could have happened.

Luckily (my good luck, his bad luck) I got a seat opposite this fler! I stared cock at him but he selamba pretend nothing only. That made me very angry actually, in fact more than over the incident earlier. The more I look at him, the more I feel like tearing his face to pieces!!! As I took out my phone to plug in my ear plugs, suddenly *tinktink* it occurred to me that I can take a picture of his Chow Ah Beng's face. Muahahaha... he die this time, I silently took a picture of him and only found time to upload now. The power of internet hahaha... see guys, do not offend a lady!

Being a man, he's so ungentlemen! Super kiasu (scared of losing) that he won't get a seat. No wonder he's so errr (fill in the blank)!!! Just look at his size. For goodness sake, even if he's behind me, he would have gotten a seat at that hour. And most importantly, he had never thought of the safety aspect of other passengers.

Dear sisters, if this guy is your boyfriend or husband, I really pity you. If you can, please run far far away from such a man. All I can see is that his face told me he's definitely an MCP, a typical cinapek that will not respect his woman.

I've mosaic a bit of his eyes but seriously if you wanna see a clearer picture of this man just let me know. I will post his photo big big for you to see clearly haha.

Thousands of apologies if the languages and his pic I've used in this post have offended you but seriously I can't stand such man and I'm not usually so bitchy like this. Excuse me...


  1. OH GOSH!!! useless fella. I hate ppl like that... u should give him a tight slap! i agree! Chow ah beng is the right word!! :D

  2. poor missy not malaysian and from the eyes of a foreigner there a lot of men here in your country who lack the breeding (manners) or don't have the manners at all...its not only selective to men .....but also to women lot of them too.

    don't just hate it when you are getting off the train when they dont even care at all they rush in like it would make a difference of creating space by not letting people off the train..this place lacks patience with commuters...

    i empathize with you ... :( what a waste for such a nice city kl

  3. Believe it or not, there are men and women who does this on a daily basis.

    So kiasu that they won't get a seat or something. I'd like to bury them underground, saves us precious oxygen.

  4. OMG! If i were you, i will point at him n shout at him!!! How can he b so kiasu??? Good choice to advertise this rude guy through internet!!!

  5. bad, bad guy!!!! he didn't even have a basic manner! lousy, lousy.... what a man! i just can't understand why sometimes people can be so un-kind and rude! i remember once i brought my parents to a kopitiam @ paramount and we were waiting other diners to finish up their food so we can have a seat.. when da diners done with their food, we thought to take da chair and sit down and this man came out of nowhere, brought all his family members and grab da chairs and da table where we waited for quite some time!! so, i was very angry and i told him that we were here for quite some time to have a seat and you know what he said to me? He said, "this table has got your name?" O_o oh my god, he was so rude!!!!!!!!! i was so pissed and kept swearing at him okay till my parents asked me to cool down and find another table... damn it, what a lousy man! haha i should have took his picture and post it out... :p

  6. Dont really know what to say except c*l*k* punya man. No respect to others human being. As my husband would said, What make you think that you are so special......

  7. sorry this happened to you, but ermm what is MCP?


  8. wooooo so many comments!

    welcome back honeystar, where have you been lah??? i won't waste my energy to slap him physically, there are too many morons like him around.

    thanks for coming by blackgoblin and watever you've mentioned is awfully true! what to do, i hv to live with people who have 3rd world mentallity. btw, why is your blog empty one?

    i know dwayne, day-in-day-out also same thing but this one really takes the cake!

    hahaha jackson, i don't think i wanna lose my "yee thai" (manners?) by shouting at him. that will be very degrading hehehe

    meiyen, there are just too many of them around *horrors*

    well said, mr flower!!!

    wooittt so that was you lah, pabloplaba!! if i know i would have whacked you with my handbag LOL

    q, male chauvinistic peeeg!!!

  9. You want me to post his pics on my blog as well?

    It would be fun to have his pig face all over the blogs. Ha ha ha ha

  10. I had a bad experience in SG too. I was just stepped out from a train, on my way to the escalator. One man ran up from the escalator, wanting to catch the same train. I was just happened to be in his way, and when he ran past me, he said "f*** u!". He was not loud so nobody else heard him. I was too shocked to react! If only I had a camera phone in my hand then, I could've taken his pic too! Idiots like this are everywhere... Pui!

  11. kakaka lilian, someone does have their limit, most times i just tahan else everyday i'll be cussing in my blog!

    well if you wish Mr E haha

    oh my Piggy, i thot people in Spore are a whole lot more courteous, but I'm sure there are some black sheep out there.

  12. Haha.
    Poor Babe....
    Malaysia (esp in the LRT) is full of these types of irritating idiots...

    Better for you to vent out your frustrations anyway...

    Hope you are feeling better now...

    (Haha... this reminds me of one other moron I encountered on the LRT... Can you imagine? I see a seat, turn around and juuuust before I sit down, this guy comes out of nowhere and sits on it first! TERUK - KIASU/ THICK SKIN GILEEERR!)

  13. awww man, J, dat type dat steal seats one happened ever so often!!!

    PabloPabla, just dont mess with women :p hehehe

  14. But if I wanna be famous, I should mess with women and get my pic pasted all over the internet? Right? No? Kakakakaka!


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