Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Not So Cheap Lunch Afterall Part 2


I've mentioned on December 29, 2004 about this place that sells delicious char siew, siew yoke and siew pai kuat. The price have gone up again of late... a plate of this Siew Pai Kuat Farn (roasted pork ribs rice) now costs RM8.00!!!! OUCH... but they're delicious, how?

siew pai kuat RM8

It's just a stone throw away from Bidara Condo.

Coordinates: 3°8'53"N 101°42'34"E

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  1. Good food don't come cheap sometimes...

  2. Yes its terribly ex there and I found it too sweet. I had a much better one (IMO) at Section 17 in PJ in a shop under some flats. I'm not sure how to describe it, but their charsiew is gorgeous! Go early or be prepared to wait and wait and wait!

  3. yeah PabloPabla but this one keep going up and up

    paris, the char siu at this place is less sweeter than Meng Kee at Tengkat Tong Shin

  4. Been a long time since I last went there. The free soup pot still left uncovered for all patrons to self service?

  5. yup tummythoz, their soup always go out very fast since it's very tasty because they put in a lot of those roast chicken bones and i dun feel thirsty after drinking it, so may not hv MSG.

  6. argh, 10 minutes to 12, and i'm hungry as hellllllll


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