Friday, 24 November 2006

Geolocation Hit Counter

I saw Lanatir's post on his reader composition and I was curious about mine too so I got one installed. After installing and I did not check out the details until now. Whoa... I wonder who are reading my blog from Mauritius (or could be one of the surrounding islands), Middle East, India, Bangladesh, Korea, Russia and South Africa???

clustrmaps 24NOV06

Find out more here.


  1. Hehe....because of this blog and Lanatir's...It seem to have too many traffic until the server cannot tahan....

    The error message stated:
    "couldn't connect to the mysql server.
    the database is over-loaded at the moment, please try again later."

  2. Cool stuff! Just imagine, someone in Mauritius is cooking yr recipes.

  3. haha i think this service just swept the blogging world, maybe that's why u hit error, tehsee

    why not install one in masak-masak, boo_licious?

  4. And here I am sitting and wondering if I knew anyone from Africa.

  5. LOL Mr E, the wonders of internet!

    mike, really ka, i've no idea, must go check it out now!!!!

  6. Yeah, I installed one in my personal blog and saw visitors from all over the world. It depends on the contents of your blog and many people around the world do searches and stumbled on yours :)

  7. yeah PabloPabla, cool stuff.

    mike, i still cant zoom in??!?

  8. hit counter available at is very comprehensive and provide minute to minute updates of page views, unique views and loads of other options to choose from,


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