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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Ikan Bakar @ Gerai Seri Menanti, Jalan Bellamy

It was a rainy evening and traffic was bad all over Kuala Lumpur. Since we didn't want to get stuck in the traffic, hubby and I decided to grab dinner in the city before heading home. We had wanted to go to 2 other places but traffic was horrendous at each turn. Somehow we ended up in Jalan Bellamy, which is also known as behind Istana Negara (National Palace in Malay). We're taking a risk since it was only one week after Hari Raya but luckily there is one stall opened. This one is called Gerai Seri Menanti.

Those familiar with Jalan Bellamy will know this place is famous for its grilled fish (ikan bakar in Malay). So we picked a medium sized squid (sotong in Malay) and 2 medium sized pieces of stingray (ikan pari in Malay). We asked them to grill both of these. It's sad to say that this Gerai Seri Menanti grill their food on large hot plate instead of charcoal grill. Somehow it's not that shiok (fun??) anymore on the first hand account of this stall.

Setting that aside, the grilled squid came slattered with spicy sambal all over. Taste wise was not bad and thank goodness the squid is not rubbery. Quite spicy I would say for this dish. I spied other table having their squid deep fried in batter (goreng tepung in Malay is commonly known) which looked crunchy. Maybe next time huh.

grilled squid

Next came the stingray, lightly grilled in some tumeric based marinade. The fish was fresh but the marinade was just too light. Had to eat the fish with the accompanying sambal dip which had a whole lot of ommpphhh!

grilled stringray

When this plate of stir fried kangkung belacan came, hubby and I stared at the dish a while before digging in. Haha we have never seen this dish swimming in so much gravy!!! It's seriously very lacking in belacan taste, very watered down and not enough wok hei (breathe of the wok in Cantonese) I would say. So please don't order this if you're used to Chinese style stir-fried vegetables like us.

kangkung belacan

The 3 abovementioned dishes with 2 plates of plain rice and 2 glasses of limau ais (iced lime drink) came up to RM27. Generally the parking here is definitely easier in the evening as compared with the busy lunch hour which can get chaotic. For dinner, Gerai Seri Menanti serves ala carte dishes only whilst for lunch they have a whole lot more dishes to go as their nasi campur (Malay for mixed rice). The ikan bakar here is not as great but this is the only stall opened that evening. You might wanna try those recommended by The Foodsters instead.

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TehSee said...

I used to follow my friends to go to this place during lunch time....I loved the grilled fish better...the sambal belacan is very shiok too.
Too bad that I cannot remember how to go there anymore...

boo_licious said...

Yeah, that's why the Ikan Bakar in Bellamy is no longer top of my list ever since I found the Tanglin one which is so much better - grilled over charcoals.

We have eaten here before for dinner too, nice and quiet.

Babe_KL said...

tehsee, ask your friend to bring you again

boo_licious, i quite like the hawker stall opposite Neroteca which opens for lunch on working days. they uses charcoal to grill their fishes with quite a number of types to boost too. the nasi campur dishes were great too with lots of variety.

Flower said...

Grill over hot plate is just like the BBQ that we have it here in Aussie. For my ikan bakar, I prefer the simple one. Bakar with nothing much except Kunyit and garam wrap in Banana Leaves. The fish, maybe Stingray, Kembong or ikan terubuk dipped in Air Asam. Simply Delish.... Have to go back to Malaysia and find a kaki to eat this with me. Hubby doesnt like fish.

MeiyeN said...

da last time i came to this place was 4 years ago with my ex-colleagues..i quite like da grilled squid.. very yummy! anyways, i don't think they are open on sunday right and i heard from my ex-colleague that sometimes they don't even open on a saturday.... :(

Babe_KL said...

yeah flower, i love to dip my fish in air assam too!

i've no idea lah MeiYen anyway it's not so super delicious. maybe you ought to try TangLin food court in Lakes Garden

boo_licious said...

I heard good things abt that Ikan Bakar too, must go and blog abt it. I saw them grilling the fish one day and vowed to go back to try it out.

Have you gone to Neroteca yet? Really good pastas - my friends say this is definitely nicer than Nerovivo.

PabloPabla said...

I've tried this place during lunchtime but not too impressed. Still sniffing around for a better grilled seafood joint ;)

Babe_KL said...

boo_licious, you should but be there before noon else it gets chaotic! nope hvnt try neroteca, will do dat one day. i did tried nerovivo before for a few times and find them so-so only hence i didnt even bothered to blog about it.

PabloPabla, you can try this one located opposite neroteca, aiks whats the service apmt name already? check under ascott group of hotel. it's behind le bouchon